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Kalonji and I met in September 2001 and it was all over from then on out! As we got to know each other, we decided our worlds would not be the same without the other and got married on New Year’s Eve 2001.

My name came from an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man. The episode is titled Taneha. Lee Majors and Jess Walton (of Young and the Restless fame), are hunting down a wild cougar named Taneha. The episode aired about 3 weeks before I was born and my motherreally liked the name. However, somehow, I have a “y” in my name instead of an “h”.

KALONJI’s name originates from Central Africa and means “Man of Victory”. He was named for one of his ancestor’s whose name meant “Champion”.

We have a daughter together, Kaleya, and Kalonji has four sons from previous relationships – Kamau, Miles, Jihad & Qacheyta.  Visit the kids pages to learn more about them.

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  1. Taneya,

    I love your website/blog. I think I’ll do something similar by having my WordPress site with a link to the TNG site that opens in another window. I tried that plugin but it was too confusing. I love your Tech Toolkit page. Thanks for sharing your findings. Also, nice job with the scanned documents and photos in your TNG site.

    I have one more question for you. I’m just curious if you use TNG as your family history database and edit new information directly or do you use another database and periodically re-upload your GEDCOM file? I’ve been using Legacy FamilyTree as my database but I’m thinking about just switching over to TNG completely.



  2. This is such a small world, when my last daughter was born her father and I came up with Jaymee for Jay and me and her last name is Summers. Her grandmother told us that is the Bionic woman’s name.

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