I am so glad it’s friday! welcome to my new blogspace. I decided to go with Blogger b/c it’s free and since I’m such a Google freak, even better that it’s provided by Google šŸ™‚

Have had an active past several days. Kaleya got sick again and we discovered she has an infection of her left ear. She’s on her antibiotics now, so is doing just fine. And today, I discovered that she has teeth!!! She has two little teeth that have just broken the gum surface at the front of her bottom gum. How adorable! But, that would explain why she’s been crying more the past few days and more needy.

Stitching wise I have not done much. I’ll do atitching update tomorrow…

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  1. Wow! She beat Luke by two weeks. We just discovered the barest tiny piont of a tooth last night. Congrats on your little cutie! And Angel of Love is looking wonderful.

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