Yes, I am still here. It’s been almost three weeks since my last post and my life has been shaken so much in that time frame. I won’t go into the unpleasant details, but there is light at the end of every tunnel right and I believe I have found my light.

I have major news! I have decided to stay at home with Kaleya for the upcoming future. I will be moving to Memphis where Kalonji is and we will actually be a “real” family for the first time since we’ve met (we’ve never really lived together). I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful, caring supervisor as she has agreed to let me work “virtually” from Memphis for about the next year. I honestly don’t think I could ask for a more perfect situation! I’ll be relocating at the end of July – watch out Memphis! Then, at the end of a year, we will re-evaluate and see where life takes us – we may even end up back in Nashville 🙂

Stitching wise, I have not done very much either. And now that I have packing to start thinking about, I am not sure I’ll get much done in the forseeable future either – so don’t expect too many stitching updates between now and the end of summer. And, even though I’ll be home with Kaleya, I will still be very busy, but I a m very much looking forward to this quality time with my family.

And for those interested in pictures, check out the latest additions to the gallery. This past weekend we went to visit the boys and had a great time. Kamau, the oldest, turned 10 last week, my mother-in-law’s birthday was Saturday and then of course it was Mother’s Day. I also did Kaleya’s hair for the first time tonite in something other than an afro. (Be sure to click on the links that say Mother’s Day 2005 and 1st Hairstyle).

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  1. How exciting for you! I’m sure things will be much easier once you have any extra pair of hands to help with Kaleya too. OMG, her hairdo is just adorable! Keep it up, Momma. I have a curly haired girl myself and brushing it often has helped her not have that sensitive heads lots of little girls do. Love the Mother’s Day photos too!

  2. Oh Taneya! Super hugs and major prayers for you. I can only imagine what you’re going through right now and am glad to see you have wonderful support.

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