My websites are all back online now. Can’t let that happen again — I missed them and I know many of you did too.

Not too much going on with me. My sister Kelli flew in tonite to visit with me for the next couple of weeks. We are of course going to Memphis this weekend, where Kelli plans to get her first tattoo. If she gets it, I’ll post a pic!>p>

Kaleya is gone — the babysitter is taking her to Six Flags tomorrow with her kids. Kaleya travels more than I do. 🙂

And, I have started working on my third geisha girl (by Joan Elliott). I went from stitching on one Joan Elliott design to another. I am about 60% done with this geisha, so it would be nice to finish her and actually have a finish in 2005 – we’ll see….

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  1. Hey I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for Sue Coleman art. A WIP you have came up of her Cougar. You have done some very wonderful work! I’m also an obsessed stitcher. I’m currently working on the Cougar for my mother.

    So yeah, I just wanted yo say that! 🙂


  2. Yay! I missed being able to browse your site. I thought maybe things were messed up because of your move. Are you still leaving the end of this month?

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