I only have one more week until I move to Memphis – and I’ve hardly packed much at all! I am going to be so busy this week it is going to be a madhouse around the apartment. Fortunately, my sister Kelli will be with me until Wednesday, so she can help with Kaleya while I pack. Then, some of my friends have offered to come over other evenings so I can continue.

This weekend we are at a family reunion and having a very good time. Last night was registration/meet & greet and today we have a picnic in the afternoon and a banquet in the evening. I really enjoy the reunions — this is my stepmother’s family reunion, but we have always been treated as part of the family and it is fun to get together such as this.I will be posting pictures sometime during the week.

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  1. So have you moved yet? I miss you. I hate that I didn’t get to see you and Kaleya before you left. Looking forward to a get together when you are in town for CATS. Hugs!!!!

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