Just when I finally have a stitching update and was all ready to upload it to my photo gallery pages, I discover that it seems my photo gallery is no longer THERE!! I have written to my webhost provider to see if they can tell me why I can no longer access this subdirectory and it seems as if all my pictures are gone.. I am going to be SICK if I have to rebuild that portion of my site – absolutely sick! I’m fairly sure that I still have all my cross-stitching pictures saved on CD, but just to think of having to go through the process of creating all the albums over again…. (keep your fingers crossed for me).


However, here is my stitching update anyway. A few weeks ago I started a design that I found in the Feb 2006 issue of Stoney Creek Magazine. I loved the colors and it looked like it would be a quick stitch and it truly was. I finished it last night!

I then had to start on another design similar to it that was in the Feb 2005 issue. More to come on that later 🙂

Update – 9pm — whew! my photo album part of my site is back. Just some temporary issues on the server. And, I forgot to post that I won off of the Bay of Evil two back issues of Cross Stitch Gold – the first issue and issue number 3! I am trying to fill in my gaps in the collection with this magazine. There are about 8 issues that I am lacking. These tend to get a little pricey though on Ebay, so I’ll probably just get a couple per month. I love the Sioux Chief in Issue 3! This design also appears in a book that I have but seeing it here too has convinced me I need to stitch him one day.

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