We actually did something fun today! We went to a Greek Food Festival today at one of the Greek churches in the area. I got to have Baklava. I LOVE Baklava. Shame I can only eat it a few times a year (that is one RICH pastry). I put some pictures up online on PictureTrail as they have this cool feature:

We had a nice time. It was good to get out and be about town. I expect we will be doing more of that this summer as we will have 3 of the 4 boys with us for two months. Watch out Memphis, here we come!

And, on a different note – I finally took the plunge – I made us a MySpace page. Really out of sheer curiosity to this huge social phenomenon. So, my fellow stitchers & genealogists — hit me up if you have a MySpace page too!

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