And then there were two….

Last weekend we took three of the boys back home to IN. Even with all the chaos that it entailed while they were here, I miss them! We had a great time with them and this is the first time that all five kids got to be with each other for more than a week. Now, we just have Jihad with us and we will have him until August.

In stitching news, I am currently having a dilemma in regards to my site. I am trying to figure out a way right now to make the site more open so that anyone can contribute to it. Here we are in July already and I have added practically no new content to the database since January. If it were more open and anyone could contribute, it would make it a better resource for everyone. With all that I have going on right now I would hate to see the site suffer just b/c I don’t have the time to add to it.

However, to do this will require me to either a) change my format completely and re-enter all 350 magazines that I’ve indexed already or b) learn more programming skills so I can keep the existing database but allow online submissions. At this point, I am not sure which one I will do. I plan over the next week or so to play around with option a and see just how long it takes me to re-enter some magazines. I have a feeling that I will lean towards the first option though as it could be made more open sooner rather than later. we’ll see – more on that to come later.

And, just because, here is a picture I took yesterday with Kaleya.

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