I am so in trouble — this digital scrapbooking is getting the best of me. Guess how many pages I did this weekend — TEN! And, over the past week, despite the megabytes of freebies I have downloaded, I think I have spent about $20 on various scrap sites. But, the packaging is too convenient. It’s very difficult to pass up getting a kit for $4 or so, the problem is that the $4 adds up quickly.

However, I am very satisfied with my progress so far. Most of the pages I did are for the book I am putting together to document Kaleya’s arrival and first year. So, I did pages to highlight the ultrasound, my stomach at 34 weeks, three pages on the baby shower and a page on going to the hospital. You can see those here – the first six pages.

I also did a page for a friend of my sister’s. He has a young baby boy and Kelli found a page in a gallery that she thought was perfect for him, so I scraplifted it. This is for William.

Then, the other pages I did were of some pictures I took over the weekend of Kaleya. One of her playing with her LeapFrog laptop and these are the other two I did. Precious!

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  1. Girl! You sound like me! We both have the same bug! Your pages are too cute. Too bad you can’t have “digi crops.” We’d make a great team!

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