Washington DC! I thoroughly enjoy this city! So far, the conference is going well, I’ve attended a few different sessions now and been to a workshop on XML. There are two more days left now, and I hope to continue to learn new things.

While here, I am also meeting up with friends/family. Yesterday afternoon after my class, I met Shalini and her family. Her son, Mehul is SO ADORABLE!!! We had a nice visit and it was great to be able to meet her and her family. We will definitely have to meet up again.

This morning, I had breakfast with two of my cousins, Kamesha & Nicky, as well as Kamesha’s husband and their two sons. The boys are 5 and 9 months and this was my first time meeting them. Too cute! We had breakfast at IHop where I had some scrumptous pancakes. Then, I hopped back on the Metro to come back to the hotel. Tonight, I’ll be staying in getting some reading done and relaxing. The next two days will be hectic.

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  1. Hey there, Taneya. We really enjoyed your visit. I’m glad you are having a good time in DC. Hoping we can catch up again, sometime 🙂

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