Kaleya & Keon


Family vacations are exhausting! I don’t have time to make this a long post, but here is a quick pic from our family trip. We spent the past four days in Florida visiting my mother. My brother and his family were also there and we had a grand time! More pictures will be coming of course 🙂

Though Kaleya was very wary of the baby (and any attention I’d give him), she had moments where she was all over him! Here she is with her six month old cousin, Keon.

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2 thoughts on “Kaleya & Keon

  1. Such an adorable picture! When my dd was 2 years old we were at the baptism of my cousin’s newborn twins. I am their godmother so I was holding one up at the alter. DD was screaming bloody murder that I dared to hold another baby! Oh she was mad! Thankfully she has outgrown that. 😉

    I love that Kaleya waffled between a love/hate relationship with her cousin. So cute!

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