A Glimpse into my psyche

So, all of my life, I have had very interesting and often just strange/weird dreams. I get this from my mother!  When I moved to Nashville, I was roommates with my friend Nicole who is a psychiatrist and she would analyze my dreams for me. So, after a few months of her doing it, I kinda learned how to pick out elements here and there… so, I must share what I dreamed last night.

I dreamed that for some reason, Kalonji
was getting into a fight with Magic Johnson. This fight was going on in our
bedroom. Well, at some point during the fight, Magic proceeds to take In the
Arms of An Angel down from the wall and hit Kalonji with it over the head. Well,
then in the dream, I just went ballistic! Not ballistic b/c I was concerned that
Kalonji had just been hit in the head with the piece, but ballistic b/c Magic
had used it! And I just went on this horrific vocal tirade against Magic for
doing that. I was like "how DARE you take that off the wall and use it to hit
him! My friend Mellissa made that for me  to honor my child and how DARE you do
such a thing!" etc, etc. I was going off on him, screaming at him to get out,
etc, etc.  Oh, and after I screamed at him, I made him try and put it back
together b/c the glass had been broken and everything. 🙂 

And my attempt at interpretation:  A lot of times, my dreams come from thoughts I’ve had during
that day, and one time in the middle of the night last night (i think it
was around 12:30) when Kaleya needed to be fed, I was sitting in bed feeding her
and just thinking again of how touched I was that Melissa had stitched that for me.
So, I guess that got transferred into my dream.  Also, Kalonji and I did have a "disagreement" this weekend, so I was upset at him, so I can see how me having Magic hit him in my dream may have stemmed from that. Also, me yelling at Magic may have been transferrance from Kalonji to him. We’re much better now though 🙂 Now, why it was Magic Johnson I
have absolutely NO idea! I have not even been thinking about basketball lately and if I were, it would be much more likely to be college than pro.

So, there’s a glimpse into my psyche for you this Monday afternoon.

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