A Visit to the Park

Today, the kids and I took an excursion over to Percy Warner Park to just explore it and had a great afternoon.

We started by having lunch at a small play park near our house and stayed there for about 45 minutes.

Then I thought we should go explore Percy Warner Park. Even though I’ve been living in this neighborhood for over two years, I’d still never been over to it.  So off we went and it was gorgeous!

There is a driving trail that goes up the mountain side that we drove up and when we reached what looked to be near the top, we stopped and parked.

We noticed there was a trail that led down the side of the hill and the kids wanted to see where it went.

You see that the trail goes downhill right?? When we reached the first steep decline, I was going to turn around, but Kaleya wasn’t having it. How shameful is it that a 5-year-old is my motivation to continue 🙂 Along the trail, there were several people walking and some passed us who had walking sticks. Of course Kaleya wanted to know what they were and why they had them. When I explained, she decided she needed her own set of walking sticks.

We were walking the trials for a couple of hours and it was fun! The hike back *up* the mountainside was not as fun, but it was good exercise. The kids weren’t fazed though – they seem to have boundless energy!

In looking at the park map this evening, I think we were on the Mossy Ridge Trail, described as a 4 1/2 mile trail that “winds up and down wooded hills and hollows & crosses several springs and open meadows.”  Up and Down is right!  We didn’t do all 4 miles though; I’m guessing we walked on the trail about a mile before turning around to come back.  I’m going to sleep well tonight.  We are planning to go back next weekend and explore a different part.

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  1. Taneya,
    Your kids are really cute! These kinds of memories they will remember forever. Looks like you had lovely weather.

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