Another Class Finished!

As of today, I have now completed 7 of 10 required courses for my MPH degree!  This morning was our final in Epidemiology 2 and our next course starts on April 6th.  Since beginning the program in September 2008, I have finished these classes

  • Epidemiology 1
  • Biostatistics 1
  • Decision Analysis
  • Clinical Trials
  • Health Behavioral Methods
  • Biostatistics 2
  • Epidemiology 2

Next month I take Program & Policy Evaluation.    For descriptions of my courswork, see here.  So, what did I learn in Epi 2?  Well, we learn about study designs that are not randomized controlled trials – their benefits and advantages.  It was very interesting.  I am feeling a bit euphoric though — the coursework phase is ending soon and I get to transition to doing my actual research project pretty soon. 

I know this is more statistics related, but here is a cartoon from xkcd