Apparently not geisha’d out

On Friday I thought I was ready to move on past working on the geisha. Apparently not! 🙂

I did put down Oriental Lady Wisdom – so here is my latest progress picture of her. Not too much extra since the last one.

But my weekend did not go as I had planned. On thursday, I had the urge to rearrange furniture, so that is what I did on Friday night. Was up til the wee hours of the morning straightening up and rearranging stuff. I am happy with how I’ve done it though! Here are some pics, so you can also see where all my xs stuff is at around the apt. You can also see exactly where Oriental Lady Grace is hanging.

I did work on Yew Tree Cottage like I thought I might. I worked on it for several hours and completed most of the bottom row of trees save two colors that I don’t have on hand. Here is my latest pic on that one.

And speaking of geishas…. in going through more of my xs magazines while preparing them for indexing, I came across another geisha pattern that I had forgotten I had (this is the danger in going through magazines!). So, I had some extra fabric handy, and I had most of the colors that I needed, to start this geisha girl. I have done four hours on her and the stitching goes fast on this one. I thought the colors were nice and I already have a spot picked out for her when I finish it. I think she’ll look nice in our bathrooom.

{edited on 10/22 to remove picture — got a new update picture in new post}

And I even found time to go to the movies this weekend. I saw Runaway Jury and loved it! It is my favorite Grisham book and I was happy with how they did the movie. They changed a lot, but it was still fun.

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  1. Taneya, as usual your stitching is superb! I have that WOCS Geisha design as well, it’s lovely isn’t it because its quite different. I *loved* looking through the pics of your apartment (which is lovely BTW!) and seeing where you display your cross stitch. Your dining room table looks just like mine; I always have to clear it off if we actually sit down at it and eat! (which is not often) 🙂 Love the kitty complete with kitty toys too.

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