Apt Pics and more

I have been enjoying the new place very much – hence no blogs lately 🙂 It’s so nice to come home and actually *like* your home. The new apt gets so much light and it is just so welcoming. I did take a few pictures, so if you’re interested, you can browse them. There are a couple of rooms that I did not include pictures of, but at least the baby’s room is there 🙂

As for stitching, I have been working on Madonna of the Garden fairly consistently over the past several weeks. I am doing this as a gift, and I really enjoy working on it. Here is my latest progress as of early last night.

[link removed]

As for the pregnancy, I continue to feel really pregnant. Only a little more than one week til my due date. I am still working full-time, but my boss has allowed me to work a reduced schedule, so I work about 25-30 hours a week now. I read somewhere that women who continue to work tend to have their babies past their due date — we’ll see how that theory applies in my case. I have been having more increased Braxton-Hicks contractions which I always find exciting b/c i know the real thing is coming soon.

7 thoughts on “Apt Pics and more

  1. a lady in my work was due on christmas day last year and she worked right up until the 23rd and she didn’t end up having her baby will the 10th of January! So i think that theory may have some truth to it!

  2. Taneya,

    Madonna of the Garden is looking so beautiful. Seeing it makes me want to rush off and start mine. (I will resist. I will resist. I will resist.)

    I’m glad the pregnancy is going well. I can’t believe you’re almost due. I remember you telling us all you were pregnant and it was like just yesterday. All the best for delivery and all. I’ll be watching your blog for more news. (And hey, a little overdue is way better than outrageously early like us.)

    If you are doing updates, I have my finished Spring Queen at http://www.forty-two.co.nz/corner/gallery/files/spqueen.html. I suddenly remembered I hadn’t sent you the link to be added to the galleries.


  3. Oh, I love the bedding set! Very cute. And I can’t believe you have as much unpacked as you do. Don’t forget to take it easy these last few days. I know you won’t have much time to unpack later, but you won’t have much time to rest either. {{{hugs}}} to my due date buddy!

  4. I’ve snuck over from the TWBB to lurk in your blog. Seeing your progress on Madonna of the Garden is really making me want to pull it out and start! Great work!

    You’re new apartment looks lovely, the babies room is adorable, and I LOVE the name you chose–how sweet!!!!

    If you go later than your due date, you can always aim for my bday, which is October 10th! 🙂

    Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see pics of the baby once she is born! 🙂

  5. Oooh you are so close now! How exciting! Those Braxton-Hicks are something else aren’t they? I had them with DS, and once freaked the heck out of a Tim Horton’s employee. I had to stand in the line and sort of pant for a minute or so. She looked at me like I was going to have the baby right there.

    Good luck with everything! Your new apartment looks great BTW.

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