Bad Girl!

As expected, I have not been stitching as much this week. But, I was such a bad girl tonite. I started a new project! When I arrived at my LNS tonite, I found a gift certificate from Kalonji waiting for me so I had to use it right?? So, I bought fabric and threads to start my first Pinn Stitch design – Manorah Thai Dancer. This is what it will look like when completed.

I could not stand the color of the fabric the picture is stitched on, so I changed it. I am stitching mine on Lavender Mist Jobelan. I know it’s not much, but here is my progress at just under 2 hours.

[pic removed – new update pic above]

Today in the mail, I got one of the items on my wish list! Michelle S was kind enough to send me Alice In Wonderland by Lynn Nicoletti. This is going on my to-do list for 2004. Thanks Michelle!

On a side note, I am going on a very unexpected business trip to DC this weekend, so I shall be taking my Thai Dancer with me. I was planning on working on TW’s Birth Announcment this weekend, but given where I am at with that WIP, it will not travel too well.

I will try and post again before I leave. If I don’t make it, I’ll post again when I get back on Tuesday. Happy stitching. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bad Girl!

  1. Taneya, it’s looking good so far!! 🙂 I have been thinking of stitching this one for my friend from Laos (near Thailand). She’s moving into a new house and thought it would make a good house warming present. Keep us updated on your progress! 🙂

    P.S. do you plan on stitching the vines??

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