Birthday Season

July is birthday season around here. Yesterday was my stepson’s 9th birthday. We went to Alabama to visit Kalonji’s family and had a small celebration for him there. I learned of a new tradition too. Apparently, if you pin money on you with a safety pin, people know it’s your birthday and give you money. Jihad collected over $50 yesterday! Too funny! Of course I have pictures up, start here and then click the forward icon to see more pics. The boys found a stray cat that they tried to keep and name Oreo, and Kaleya got her hair cornrowed by her cousin.

And, today is my birthday! Whippee! I’m all of 32 years young. 🙂 Today is also my stepfather’s birthday. Next week is my mother’s birthday and then there are about five of us at work who have had birthdays these beginning days of July.

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