Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I went with my coworker to Baby Depot and we picked out cribs! We are due only two weeks apart from each other and people at our job are all pitching in to get us cribs. Isn’t that an amazingly nice gesture? Kalonji and I had picked out a crib last time he was home, but when I realized that it had a double trigger release that would require two hands to life the guardrail up and down, I knew i’d need to pick a different crib. I am much happier with this one and it also converts to a toddler bed. It is made by Babi Italia which gets great consumer ratings.

I have also decided that a few of my projects are now UFO’s. So, I created a UFO folder for them. I would almost feel sad about it, but there are so many projects that I have that I enjoy working on, why should i lament over those I don’t enjoy anymore? So, check out my UFO folder — if you want to adopt one, let me know.

I continued to stitch on Madonna of the Garden today. Here’s my pic

I am also watching movies today. I finished the Royal Tennenbaums yesterday. It was weird and I was afraid I was not going to make it through the whole movie, but I did and I enjoyed it. Not sure I’ll add it to my collection though. Then, this morning, I watched Adaptation. This is done by the same director as Being John Malkovich (which I watched last weekend), so it was just as odd of a movie, but it too was good. I liked Nicholas Cage’s performance, yet, I do think I liked Being John Malkovich better. I may have to add both of these to my permanent movie collection one day. Now, I’m off to watch Stuck on You (don’t even ask!)

3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. What a beautiful crib. Baby should sleep in it all the more peacefully for it being such a wonderful gift. (Okay, maybe not, but it is a nice idea.)

    I shall watch the progress of your Madonna with great interest. I love it and want to do it one day, but I don’t know when I’ll have time. In the meantime I shall stitch vicariously through you.

    On a slightly more person note, please do keep reminding us how far along in your pregnancy you are. After having my baby at 27 weeks I jump up and down and rejoice with every week past that towards term my friends make in in their pregnancies. My best friend has just had a baby girl at two weeks overdue and I will be doing the same rejoicing for you.

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