Can I Rant?

I need to rant right now and I’m gonna do it here 🙂

I AM SO P’OD at my apt complex! We are moving from this complex in early September, to a larger apt across town where I will also be a lot closer to many of my coworkers. So, at the beginning of June, I began the search and found a wonderful complex to move to. However, when my new complex called my current complex to get my rental history, I was told that my current complex would not give my new complex any information until I filled out a form indicating my intent to leave after my lease expires. Fine, i did that. (I won’t even go into how my current complex then gave my new complex INCORRECT information about my rental hx and how I had to get that fixed!).

Okay, so, a couple of weeks later (mid-June) I receive a letter from my complex saying they are sorry to see me go, what can they do to make me stay. A week after that, I receive a letter from my complex saying that they needed to know what I planned to do about my lease and that if I didn’t renew my lease, the rate would go to a monthly rate. Now, I ignored this b/c I had just received a letter from them saying they knew I was leaving! So, I chalked it up as being a mistake. Then, the next week, I received another letter saying that they received notification that I was leaving, they were sorry to see me go, what could they do to make me stay. Fine, I figured they had gotten it straightened out.

So, what do I find on my door today? Yet ANOTHER letter that says they have not heard from me on what I plan to do about my lease and that I need to let them know or else I will go on a month-to-month rate. (WTF!). I am so livid right now, I can’t even express it. This is obviously a case of one hand not talking to the other and now I have to go in tomorrow and get this straightened out.

What can they do to make me stay? Nothing! they are so disorganized it is not even funny! Funny enough however, my move had nothing to do with them and had considered the complex and the management just fine to deal with. But after this fiasco, I am not sure I would even recommend anyone to move here. There is only one girl in the office that I even think knows what she is doing, but she doesn’t deal with leases anymore…. craziness.

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