Car Seat Installation

I installed the car seat yesterday. I have to say, even though it is in there, I am not happy with how I have put it in; I don’t think the angle is right for the baby, so I am going to get it checked out. But, it was fun to put it and the stroller together.

As for my stitching, I’ve had quite a busy weekend. I’m losing interest again in the sub, so I put it down yesterday after working on it a few hours. I won’t be able to take a picture until tomorrow, but I have worked a little bit of the animals on the top half.

So, while I’m taking a break from the sub (hopefully no longer than a week), I decided to work on Honkin’ Big Cam Sam. While working on it last night I had a visit from pesky frogs. I realized this morning that everything i had stitched yesterday (about three hours worth) was WAY off count and I had the pleasure of ripping it out today and restitching it. But, of course I am glad I did as everything is much better now and I can move on.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend – I’m still glued to watching the Olympics. 🙂

One thought on “Car Seat Installation

  1. I think leaving a note would be fine. Most stitchers seem to really like it when they find others of “their kind” who are relatively local.

    By the way, love the walrus 🙂

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