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Ready 4 School

It’s August and the start of a new school year!  Today was the first day of school for the Kaleya & Jihad.  Of course, Jihad’s well experienced in this, but this is Kaleya’s first year as she is entering kindergarten.  How quickly they grow up.  Of course I had to take a few pictures this morning :-)

showing off the Disney Princesses backpack
who has school spirit? (more like school rocker spirit?)
Kaleya in the classroom

Back to Work

It’s official.  July 1 was my first day back as a full-time employee at work now that I’ve completed my degree.  I re-joined our team (Knowledge Management) as the Associate Director for Research.  These are big shoes to fill so I’ll have to work diligently to make sure I do my absolute best!

In other news, last weekend we took Kaleya to a “bring your friend” day at a dojo and while she was a little timid at first, she warmed up to it.  You go girl!

at karate class in June. big brother accompanied her on the mat to help with her nervousness.

Christmas Party 2009

Today,  I took the kids to our daycare provider’s Christmas party and we had a lot of fun!  Kaleya & Jihad seemed to really enjoy themselves, even though Kaleya was afraid of Santa!

Here is Kaleya w/ her bestie and you can link from here to the rest of the photos by clicking on the link at the bottom that says “December 2009″

From December 2009

and a video from today

Hunting for Easter Eggs

Today I took Kaleya to the Easter Egg Hunt in town that was sponsored by the Al Menah Shriners here in town.  I went with my coworker and her family and we had a great time.  The festivities began with general activities for the kids; they had dune buggy car rides, motorcycle rides, temporary tattoos, balloon animal, bounce “things” (cuz I don’t know the proper name), and then after all that, the Easter Egg Hunt.  

I was surprised that Kaleya enjoyed the bounce things so much; she even attempted to climb the inflatable wall climb/slide combination.   They had some older kids posted at the bottom and at the top of that one to help the younger kids, so she got some help getting up the wall and over to the other side.  She was at one point upset though when one of the older girls slid down with her trying to help because Kaleya “wanted to do it by myself.”  ah well.   

The egg hunt part itself was fun too – there were way too many sugar eggs though – I have no idea what I’ll do with them all.  Some pictures and and a video clip below.  All the pictures are here.  

From Easter Egg Hunt 2009
From Easter Egg Hunt 2009
From Easter Egg Hunt 2009
From Easter Egg Hunt 2009

How Did She Know That?

Me to Kalonji:  telling him how Jihad took the thermometer that is not intended to go in your mouth and put it in his mouth to take his temperature last week

Me to Jihad:  “Raise your arm. I have to put the thermometer in your armpit to take your temperature. And remember, this thermometer is made to go in one of two places.”

Jihad: “Where?”

Me:  “Your underarm is one place.  I bet you can guess the other.”

Jihad: “No, where?”

Kaleya interjects: “your bum-bum!”

HOW IN THE WORLD DOES SHE KNOW THAT?  Is it possible she remembers the doctor’s office doing that a few years ago to her? She couldn’t tell me how she knew that, but i’m floored! And, good think I’ve never used that particular thermometer for a rectal temp  :-)

Kaleya’s 1st Research Study

At the medical center where I work (Vandy), the staff often get emails of ongoing research studies as they look for participants.  Last week, one came in my inbox that piqued my interest – they were looking for 4 and 6 year olds for a study to understand language processing.  So, I signed Kaleya up.  :-)

We went yesterday and it took about 30 minutes.  The researcher showed Kaleya two videos of people talking about toys and then asked Kaleya some questions about what they saw on the video.  As I observed this, it was clear to me they were asking questions of Kaleya that she cognitively does not understand.  When I asked about it, the researcher informed me that yes, the trend they were seeing is that the 4 year olds do not “get it” and the 6 year olds do. So, it was highlighting the issue that something different was happening cognitively around that age.

From Early 2009

Then,  Kaleya was shown a picture of a robot and asked a series of questions.  Again, I could see that the questions asked were a little bit more than she could grasp.  But, throughout the whole thing, I was very impressed with how well Kaleya interacted with the researcher.   She was downright charming.  :-)

From Early 2009

Pictures from the Swimming Pool Party


On Friday night, I took the kids to a birthday party for my coworker’s grandson who turned 5 this week.  The great thing about this party is that it was a pool party! Kaleya & Jihad enjoyed themselves and Kaleya was particulary distraught to have to leave.  Neither of them know how to swim, but it doesn’t stop them. However, this summer, Iam going to have to get them in swimming lessons. I can’t tell you how many times I panicked if Kaleya got too close to leaving the shallow end of the pool!

From Early 2009

And, here is Kaleya w/ Jackson’s daddy. He took her around the pool so she could at least feel like she was kinda swimming :-)

From Early 2009

More pictures here.