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My Morbid 4-year old

I went to Walgreen’s the other night. Kaleya sits behind the driver’s seat and as I was getting her out, the car in the spot behind me and one spot over was about to leave. So, I had pretty much already had her out when I saw this, so I held tightly right next to me so she couldn’t move and I said, “Kaleya, stay right here next to me, don’t move.”

Then the car left and Kaleya says “Mommy, why I have to stand right next to you?”

Me: “Because there was a car there and I wanted you close to me so it doesn’t hit you”

Kaleya: “Oh, so it won’t make me dead?”

Oh, that made me laugh! Then, as I was telling the story to Kalonji later that night, Kaleya started elaborating, saying that if the car rolled over her it would make her dead.

Morbid huh???? She’s just like my mother!

Want to learn about Construct Validity?

Well, I won’t make you, but this is what I spent my morning doing – so much fun! Actually, it is not all that bad. The class I am taking this month teaches about how scales are developed (think Myers-Briggs) and how they are assessed for reliability and validity. The interesting thing is that twice this weekend I had situations where I was able to put some of what I’ve learned to use.

In family news, we had a relaxing weekend. I did some genealogy stuff, the kids played some educational games and we even went out to eat once. Not too exciting over here. :-) Those World Word videos are doing good though – today I asked Kaleya to spell the word “pie” and she was able to do it without really thinking! One of the episodes she has is all about pies.

And, I also added my twitter feed to the sidebar of my blog, so if you visit the site you can see what I’m up to. Until later…

Too Many Emails

I have over 1200 emails in my gmail inbox.  So, you know what my New Year’s Resolution is this year? To keep my inbox to 100 messages or less and do a better job at archiving emails as I should.  I have been successful at keeping my work email inbox down to less than 100 messages at work for the past 3 or 4 months now, so it’s time to get going on my personal email.   

Hope everyone is enjoying their new year.  I start classes again on Monday and will be taking a Health Behavioral Methods course.  I will also be finalizing plans for my thesis work this month so it makes for a busy time for me.   I’ve had a horrible headache since last night, so am trying to rest as much as I can before the weekend is over. 

In child news — Kaleya opened one of the DVDs we got her for Christmas – Word World. This is a PBS series that I think is cool — they make the shapes of animals, items, etc using the words that spell the word – see example below.  With this approach, Kaleya can spell the word aloud and right away know what it spells without prompting from us – a great approach to learning how to read!


Picasa Faces

While catching up on some blog reading tonight, I saw that Picasa has a new “faces” tagging feature for their web albums.  I decided to give it a try and how cool!   

After scanning all the pictures I have in my Picasa Web Albums, it brings up collections of faces for me to tag.  I present to you, the Many Faces of Kaleya.  I am very impressed that it recognized her :-)
It even has clustered her with family members, including one picture of Kalonji’s mom as a little girl 

She Finds His Name!

This is a snapshot of one of the bookshelves we have at home. Today, while Jihad was standing near it, I said to him, “Jihad, find the book that has your name as part of the title.” Kaleya was standing right next to him and please tell me how she was able to point to the RIGHT book within 20 seconds?

It blew me and Kalonji away! We know she has some pattern recognition going on, but this was just wild! That book has been on the shelf for a year now unmoved. Kaleya has been learning tons from her care provider and these type of things reinforce how wonderful we know her sitter is!

Have you found it yet? 1st column, 6th book from the bottom. :-)

Kaleya & Friend

Look! A DigiScrap page! I haven’t done a scrapbook page in quite a while now. I had a separate blog for it, but decided to let that one go as I don’t do this often enough to justify a separate blog. I have plenty other blogs to keep me busy :-) This is Kaleya over Memorial Day Weekend with her BFF.

I was inspired to do a page after one of the genealogy blogs I read posted about scrapbooking + genealogy. The guest poster listed a website that I was not familiar with and I just spent about two hours downloading freebies. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Kung-Fu Panda

We took Kaleya to go see Kung Fu Panda last night. It was very cute and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! Kaleya is so funny; she runs around making hand movements like they do in the movie. Kalonji and I have considered putting her in karate for the past year so we are hoping this movie gets her motivated. The only problem is that most places don’t start kids until they are 5 years old. So, looks like we may have to wait a little while longer :-)

Memorial Day Activities

Could the weekend have been any better?

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. I am posting this just a tad bit late, but I had a great weekend and have to share. My weekend started with some house cleaning – I rearranged our bedroom and cleaned up the rest of the house as well. Managed to get the whole apartment except for the kitchen. Then, after resting, turned my attention towards doing some genealogy.

On Saturday afternoon, we took Kaleya to see her friend’s dance recital that was put on the by Nashville Dance Company. Can you imagine anything cuter than a group of 4-year old’s on stage? The costumes were so cute! Of course, there were older girls too, but the little ones steal the show.

Sunday afternoon was spent in the sun; we took Kaleya over to a friend’s place to enjoy the pool. Kaleya wore herself out accordingly and had so much fun in the pool. It’s been almost a year since she’s been in the water, so I’d love to start getting her more acquainted. Maybe next year we’ll do swimming lessons. From yesterday, I think she particularly enjoyed trying to get used to the lounge chairs. :-)

My Sunday evening, and all day Monday was consumed by my Cross Stitch Magazine Database. I’ve been wanting to revamp the site for some time, and while I still have plans to do some cool Web 2.0 stuff, I figure it is better to go in steps, so I made some changes and reduced the level of complexity of the back-end and redid the site. Right now it’s really a test of the application I’ve chosen, but I think it may work out. The URL for the site is With my new streamline processes in place, it makes it much easier to accept contributions for others. Look out for a future post about that.

But alas, all good things must come to an end right? It’s back to work tomorrow. I love what I do, but when I get opportunities like I’ve had this weekend to really focus on the things that truly relax me, it can be hard to let go!