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Happy Easter!

Today we took Kaleya to Kalonji’s lodge for an Easter egg hunt and it was fun. There were at least 40 kids there I think and everyone seemed to rake up! Kaleya was looking forward to this for the past several days and she couldn’t wait to wear her new dress.

For more pictures click here and advance forward, there are about 10 pictures.

Update — I had come upstairs to write this post, so on my way back downstairs to check on Kaleya, I saw Horus coming up the stairs and something flashy caught my eye Gee, give you one guess who put her toy necklace around him?

Movie Weekend

It’s been a movie-watching weekend this weekend! Yesterday, my friend watched Kaleya for several hours while Kalonji and I went to the movies. We went to go see The Great Debaters and Cloverfield. I enjoyed both tremendously though they were very different from each other. Then, last night, I finally watched The Bourne Ultimatum. I have the other two movies and will be adding #3 to my collection shortly.

And, yesterday, just because, I decided to take a few pics of Kaleya. Of course she had to model for me :-)

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year!!

Kaleya & her brother Jihad on Christmas Day.  

Over the holidays, we went to Indiana to visit the boys, then off to North Carolina to visit my family. We had a great trip and Kaleya really enjoyed herself playing with her brothers and her cousins. 

Kalonji and I also celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary over the holidays, we were married on New Year’s Eve. I wish I had blogged that long ago so I could go back and revisit the post :-) We were able to sneak away and go to the movies – we saw National Treasure 2 and enjoyed it. Over the holidays we also saw I am Legend and enjoyed that too. I still want to see The Golden Compass, but I’m working my way through the books right now (I’m on the second book, the Subtle Knife) and want to read all three before seeing it. I’d better hurry up though before I miss my opportunity!

Pictures are here.

She’s Potty Trained

Two months later, I finally feel I have something noteworthy to blog about. Life around this household has been fairly mundane as of late. :-)

This past weekend we started potty training Kaleya and she is officially potty trained! Yesterday was her first day of no accidents and she went to the toilet six times throughout the day – each time prefacing it by saying “Mommy, I gotta potty.”


Halloween Princess

Happy Halloween! We started our Halloween early as you can see. Last night, at the suggestion of a couple that we know that operates a store in our area mall, we went to a nearby church to take Kaleya trunk-or-treating. The church has been doing this for several years and it was a lot of fun. They put on a short play, provided food, and then kids go from car to car to collect candy from people who decorate their trunks. There were probably around 100 cars there – it was insane!

So, Kaleya already has a pumpkin full of candy. We are still planning to take her out Halloween night too though, so I’m not sure what we will do with all of that candy. More pictures here.

Kaleya Is 3

Happy Birthday Kaleya!!

Today is Kaleya’s 3rd birthday (well, the day’s almost over now…) and I’m sure she had fun! She had some cake and ice cream with her friends at the babysitter’s and I was able to get a short video clip of her blowing out her candle and some play activity.

When she woke up this morning, I gave her one of her presents and she continued to get them throughout the day. If you’re interested in pictures, they are here. The first several pictures are from Sunday, but you’ll recognize the ones from today when you get to them. :-)

All in all, a fun day; but boy am I tired!

Enjoying Children’s Books

I am amassing quite the library for Kaleya; it started with my boss giving me many books that her daughter has outgrown, plus, my mother is now collecting books on her behalf and sending them to us. My instructions to my mother: pretty, colorful pictures.

Tonight, I read one of the books, The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. It was a great read! I saw one of Graeme’s other books at the bookstore a couple of months ago and loved his art. It actually reminded me of another book I used to read when I was younger, about 12 years old, but I can’t remember the name of that book. It too was a mystery book, treasure hunt but it had a real prize buried somewhere and I think it involved bees. I’ve got to find that now!