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Feeding the Geese

Today, Kaleya wanted to go to Centennial Park to feed the geese, so of course I had to oblige! It’s my motherly duty. 🙂

Just a couple of pictures from our outing. We had a nice visit.

Kaleya next to the water
I like the glow on her face on this one.

And, a short video clip of her feeding them.

Then, we were off to the playground.

Next to the slide.
on the playground apparatus
pretty among the flowers

Michael Jackson Fun

Yesterday we went to a friend’s house to help him celebrate his 11th birthday. Oh, we had so much fun! I was particularly taken by the Michael Jackson Experience game on the wii.  I did one song – Dirty Diana and now I want this video game.

Here are two of the boys doing Smooth Criminal.

Congratulations! Graduations are Exciting Times

Congratulations to our family friend on her recent graduation from Pearl-Cohn High School.  We attended the ceremony on May 21st and it was clear the students were happy.

Kalonji w/ the graduate

Then, later that day we were off to the Nashville RollerGirls game. It was high excitement! NRG won both bouts.  Attendees were even treated to the first bout from the Nashville Junior Roller Derby team – the team for ages 10-17. Those girls rocked it too!

Our seats were close to the team and I even garnered an NRG mini-towel.

We had a great day.




All About Town

This weekend has been a fairly quiet one for us.  It did not start off very well for me – I either caught a stomach virus or had a case of food poisoning on Friday and as a result spent ALL DAY in bed.  I felt really horrible and was very glad to see Saturday morning come and my vigor return.   I even felt well enough to keep to our plans for the day – a birthday party and a Nashville RollerGirls game.

The birthday party was held at Centennial Park and was for one of Kaleya’s good friends who turned 7 this week. Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures at all of the party itself,  just one of most of the group.

birthday party gathering in the park

Since we were in the park, I did wish to take the kids to go see the Athena statue in the Parthenon. My last visit was years ago, well before she was gilded in gold, so I too wanted to see it.  Jihad was able to tell me all the details about Athena for he’d been studying Greek Mythology in school – I was duly impressed. 🙂

kids in front of the statue of Athena in the Parthenon

After the party we came home and I spent about an hour or so tidying the house – then we had to get ready for the Nashville RollerGirls (NRG) season operner  game.  We are fans and I did a great post last year related to a game we went to for Jihad’s birthday.  This weekend, they played Kansas City and KC was no joke! Unfortunately, NRG lost but it was still a great game.

Here’s a video clip of a jam by Rambo Sambo

and one of part of the halftime show by the JeerLeaders; this is great b/c you see one of the fans really getting into the performance (about 14 seconds in).  I am hoping maybe someone else got an even better video of this!

Had a great day overall.  Today we rested, doing much of nothing.  I was honestly a little wiped out from having been out most of the day yesterday.  This upcoming week is going to be extremely busy so a girl needs her rest.