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Christmas Party 2009

Today,  I took the kids to our daycare provider’s Christmas party and we had a lot of fun!  Kaleya & Jihad seemed to really enjoy themselves, even though Kaleya was afraid of Santa!

Here is Kaleya w/ her bestie and you can link from here to the rest of the photos by clicking on the link at the bottom that says “December 2009”

From December 2009

and a video from today

Wu-Tang in Legos

OMG! I love it! Wu-Tang acted out by legos!  For those that don’t know – I am HUGE Wu-Tang fan.  The very first CD I ever bought was Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).  🙂

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ from davo on Vimeo.

July 4th Fun

Yesterday was a very exciting July 4th! I took the kids downtown to join friends outside of the football stadium.  Fireworks were scheduled to begin at 9pm.  I’d not been to this before and was very much looking forward to it. Our friends set up a a tent outside the stadium and have food, games, fun, all kinds of stuff, for several hours before the show.  The tent we were in was pretty large, here is a view of just one side of it. There was room underneath for about 15 of us.

When we arrived at about 6pm, it was raining some, so we couldn’t sit out on the grass, but it did clear up for awhile. The kids all got goodies bags with things to keep them entertained, silly string, bubbles, confetti – they really enjoyed it. Here, Jihad checks out his goody bag.

At some point in between the rain, the fireworks crew set off some – our guess was to test the equipment but it was a fun teaser. I was talking through it in order to keep Kaleya excited; I didn’t want her to get too scared and she fortunately didn’t.

Then, after it was dark, it really started to rain again, so they started the fireworks early. It was so much fun! The finale was just crazy and I managed to get a clip of that:

We are all excited about going back next year. Then, today, we went to the movies to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. That was entertaining, though, I don’t think it was as good as the first one.

Hope everyone also had a good weekend! The rest of our pictures are here.

My Life Tonight for 2 Hours…

When I came home to a house with no power because of some thunderstorms that came through town today.  My experience would be equivalent to the green section 🙂

Image from

Pictures from the Swimming Pool Party


On Friday night, I took the kids to a birthday party for my coworker’s grandson who turned 5 this week.  The great thing about this party is that it was a pool party! Kaleya & Jihad enjoyed themselves and Kaleya was particulary distraught to have to leave.  Neither of them know how to swim, but it doesn’t stop them. However, this summer, Iam going to have to get them in swimming lessons. I can’t tell you how many times I panicked if Kaleya got too close to leaving the shallow end of the pool!

From Early 2009

And, here is Kaleya w/ Jackson’s daddy. He took her around the pool so she could at least feel like she was kinda swimming 🙂

From Early 2009

More pictures here.

Nostalgic for Chapel Hill

I’m feeling a little nostalgic right now.  Last night, I caught about 45 minutes of American Idol.  Besides from watching maybe 15 minutes of the auditions, I’ve not watched it this season.  One of the contestants is Anoop Desai representing Chapel Hill (my grad degree alma mater!).   So, I looked him up and I see he’s part of UNC’s male acapella group, the UNC Clef Hangers.   I’ve been watching YouTube videos of them and this one in particular, where they are singing at the Old Well makes me wish I was on campus again 🙂

I hope Anoop continues to make it through.

U Can’t Touch This

The kids on the DDR this weekend.  On Sunday, I bought a second mat b/c one is just not enough.  I love how much Kaleya is concentrating.  She doesn’t really know how to coordinate her feet with the arrows yet, but she’s trying!

Search Engine Rap

Librarian + Rap Music Aficianado

And what do you get? Me, loving the Search Engine Battle Raps! Three rounds:

Google vs. Yahoo
Google vs. MSN
MSN vs. Yahoo

Note: you may or may not agree with all the lyrics, I myself do not; but I love the concept!