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My Birthday

We gon’ party like it’s my birthday!!!!!! 🙂

Yep – It’s my birthday. July is full of birthdays for us – among both family and friends.

  • Jihad turned 10 on the 8th
  • I have several co-workers whose birthdays fall within the first two weeks of July
  • My step-father and I share our birthday today
  • My mommy’s is later this month

Davidson County Clerk Online

The Davidson County Clerk has re-done their website! Why does this make me so happy??? I don’tknow, I just love the new look and I just learned that vehicle registrations can be done online – whippee!!!! 

6 Random Things

Last month, Kelley apparently tagged me to post “6 unimportant things about yourself. ” I somehow missed the tag, so let me go ahead and play now.

1. i don’t like tomatoes, but i don’t mind tomato-based stuff, like spaghetti sauce
2. i like to multi-task
3. during the week, i only sleep about 6 hours a night on average. On the weekends, I average 10+
4. i hate sundays b/c monday is the next day
5. i love geishas
6. as i get older, i find myself attracted to bold and crazy colors/patterns in stuff just like my mother (for example, she used to have a yellow sofa w/ different colored fish pattern all over it and now it doesn’t seem so ludicrous to me)

Quick Update

My poor little blog has suffered these past few weeks. I’ve been so wrapped up in other things that I have not posted here! A few weeks ago, Kalonji and I kept my nephews for a few days while my brother and his wife went on vacation to Cancun. That was a lot of fun – the boys are so adorable! They are 3 and 14 months and just too cute. Kalonji and I enjoyed them, I do think Kaleya was jealous of them.

The storage area outside our place was overgrowing with mold, so our kitchen and storage area has been a mess the past few days. Sheetrock completely taken down, kitchen cabinets, stove, appliances all disassembled.. it’s crazy..

But otherwise, all is well.