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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!

I am so glad that it is finally beginning to feel like spring. I have been busy this weekend cleaning up the house and packing things to take to Goodwill. We have so much stuff!

As for all that is going on with us, all is well. I have a business trip to Philadelphia towards the end of May. Kalonji enrolled in a Brazilian Jujitsu school, so he should enjoy that. Kaleya continues to learn more and more everyday. Her thing lately is pretending to be animals – cats, dogs, monkeys- it’s so cute.


I just put away half of my winter clothes. I hope that I never have to wear them again. This is my declaration.

We joined the YMCA today and if I’m going to pay $90/month for a membership, I’d better get my act together and start exercising. Losing weight is of course a lifestyle change and since I’ve had Kaleya, I’ve never quite really regained my motivation to lose weight. I was doing so good right before I got pregnant! So, here I am – I’m going to try again. If I manage to be successful and stick to a good regimen over the next two months, then, I may start myself another weight loss blog. We’ll see 🙂

In stitching news, I continue to work on Madonna of the Garden. I have about five more hours of stitching time today, so I THINK I may be able to do it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Snow in Nashville

We’ve got snow!

It snowed here in Nashville last night. It’s pretty to look at – though I hate when it’s so cold. Unfortunately, this means that daycare is closed too, so it looks like half a day’s work for me and then Kalonji will pick up the other half.

A Blog Update

Well, as my cousin has pointed out to me, I am horribly behind in updating my blog. Why does it seem I can never find the time to do this! In any case, here is an update on what’s been going on the past few weeks:

– We are in the holiday spirit big time! For the first time, I purchased a Christmas Tree! We have it up by our front window and it looks so nice all lit and decorated! Kalonji’s mom has for the past two years asked me if I was going to get a tree “for the baby.” And, despite Kalonji having adopted Islam as a religion, he is still into trees big time, so we got one. I’m so proud. We also have a wreath hanging on the front door. Happy Holidays!

– Kalonji got a job! He’s been relaxing since we moved back, taking some time off and staying home with Kaleya. But last week he started a position at a center in town that provide programs and services for the homeless. It is exactly the kind of position he wanted, something socially responsible, and so far, he’s enjoying it.

– along that vein, because he got a job, Kaleya started daycare again this week. It has been a trying week and I’m starting to really understand the phrase “terrible two”. We’ve put a lot of change on her this week and her reaction has not been most favorable. She does like the daycare though and has fun while there, that much I know. But the changes have been a bit much on her, so I just know I’ll have to bear through it until she gets used to it.

-My hobby of choice these past few weeks has been genealogy. I’m back on that for awhile and I even went to the State Library today to do some research. Not so much for me, but for a friend of mine. I like to work on other people’s trees to, so it was cool to be there. I’ll post more about that on my genealogy blog later.

-And, last but not least, my brother’s newest son was born tonite! His name is Ajoni Keon Koonce (hope I spelled it right) and I don’t have any details now, but I bet you anything, my next post will have his picture and birth details. Whoo hoo! He arrived at about 6:30ish pm EST.

Two Sick Girls

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Went to go pick Kaleya up from daycare on Wed and they informed me she had four diarrhea bm’s. When I took her Wednesday morning and shared that she continued to have diarrhea, they told me they could not take her b/c of that. Another kid in her room has been sick and Kaleya would have to be diarrhea-free for 24 hours before they can take her back. Also, Kaleya was definitely not her usual energetic self that morning, so I took her home and called the pediatrician.  Got some good advice from the pediatrician’s office, but guess who still has diarrhea? If she goes for more than 5 days, then I have to take her in as they will need to examine her for any signs of dehydration. So, we stayed home yesterday and today.

Then, guess who got sick last night? Moi! I have not been this sick in years and I’m afraid I may have the flu. I have vomited, have body aches, headaches, upset stomach and chills today. I feel better now having had some medicine, but I have not done much of anything -slept most of the afternoon. So, we are two sick girls this weekend……..