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Trip to the Children’s Hospital

But not for a medical emergency.  🙂

Last night, we attended an event hosted by the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee – their Summer Opportunities Fair.  My youngest stepson, Q, is autistic and we are trying to make sure we stay aware of what resources are available for him.  Though he does not live with us, we want to be prepared for summertime visits. Let me tell you, this fair was AMAZING! I’ve already known that we have access to a plethora of services for him, but to be able to personally interact with representatives from all the agencies, non-profits, services, etc. that attended last night was so incredibly valuable.

Being that it was at the Children’s Hospital, Kaleya couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play on their outside statues.

Kaleya and a family friend

The grand staircase in the hospital is lovely.

kids on the staircase

Kaleya also loves the Butterfly Garden

Kaleya at the Butterfly Garden

And, then we say a cool Gingerbread Town – a holiday initiative done at the hospital.


Kaleya kept saying she wanted to eat it. 🙂

The Fair itself was held in the Theatre Room in the Children’s Hospital and the event was hosted by the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee and the Junior League Family Resource Center of the Children’s Hospital. There were many, many places represented and I couldn’t even begin to list them all.  Kalonji and I spoke to all but one of them I think! Among the attendees were representatives from camps, art programs, music therapy agencies, applied behavioral analysis therapies, various recreation activities, and research options. Kalonji collected every business card he could find – he is planning to volunteer with a few, and it is always good for him to have contact information for his work in our community.

not the best pic, but some of the material we picked up

Thank you to the hosts for a great & educational evening!

Week of the Tooth

Here it is Sunday and I find myself terribly behind in posting our family news of the week.  It’s been focused largely on both of the kids and their teeth.

Last weekend Jihad was complaining of tooth pain, and I know from experience that is some of the most horrific pain to have, so we took him to the dentist on Monday.  Follow-up with an orthodontist on Thursday resulted in his lower lingual bar getting removed.  He was ecstatic! Now, the visit to the orthodontist was an experience in and of itself.

Free advertisement here for Dr. Gluck – his office staff was incredibly friendly, they related well with Jihad and showed a genuine interest in him as a person, and they didn’t even charge us for the check or the removal of his lingual bar! Now, Jihad has one more baby tooth to come out and when that is out Dr. Gluck wants him back in for braces.

Jihad looks through a scrapbook of testimonials for Dr. Gluck

Then, on Thursday night, Kaleya lost one of her front teeth – she was excited! She’d been working it out for a few days and so I knew it was going to happen soon.  Just now as I write this post, she came in to tell me the one next to it is also loose.   Here comes anot
her visit from the tooth fairy 🙂

Kaleya shows her new missing tooth.

Wanna See Some X-Rays?

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a family care clinic to have my ankle checked out.  I’ve had ongoing pain issues off and on over the past 18 months since taking a tumble down two of the stairs in our apartment in early 2009 that just refuse to go away.  It doesn’t help that I’ve taken the same tumble twice either.   So,  a couple of weeks ago I wen to the clinic to have it looked at and as part of my work-up they took x-rays.  I’ve never had x-rays done of my foot before and b/c the clinic gave me digital copies, I of course just had to share for I think it is so cool.

my hands

More importantly,  I learned from the x-rays that I have a lot going on.

i've got a lot going on!
  • Area #1 is a cloudy spot on my tibia that the orthopedist wants me to have a MRI to look at. He said there may be a possibility that when I fell I fractured the bone and the increased density (that’s why it’s cloudy) may be where it is healing.
  • Area #2 is a heel spur.  I have one on both of my feet.  This may help explain why I wake up with foot pain in the morning.
  • Area #3 is a needle.  That’s right, a needle! About 8 years ago I stepped on a needle on my floor (from my cross-stitching heyday) and thought I’d pulled it out.  Life goes on and I forgot all about it until the clinician asked me about it as we were going over my x-rays.   I couldn’t believe it but you can certainly see it’s a needle – you can see the eye and everything on the higher-res pic I have.  That was too much!  I don’t need to have it taken out though as long as it’s not bothering me, so I guess in my foot it will stay.   🙂

As for my ankle pain; still to be seen.  I may have done something bad to the tendons that stabilize my ankle so we will see what happens with that.   TMI? maybe 🙂

If Air Travel Worked Like Healthcare

Oh, this is great! In my current class that I’m taking, Healthcare System and Informatics we’ve been having discussions about the healthcare system.  Lots of discussion about the decentralization of healthcare and how that can hamper the process.  I’ve just come across this video that highlights the points perfectly!  It comes from Jeffrey Goldberg w/ The Atlantic.

To complement this, another blog I follow, Infor.matics, has a post that provides an alternate and equally insane scenario about what air travel would be like if it worked like healthcare.