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Enjoying Children’s Books

I am amassing quite the library for Kaleya; it started with my boss giving me many books that her daughter has outgrown, plus, my mother is now collecting books on her behalf and sending them to us. My instructions to my mother: pretty, colorful pictures.

Tonight, I read one of the books, The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. It was a great read! I saw one of Graeme’s other books at the bookstore a couple of months ago and loved his art. It actually reminded me of another book I used to read when I was younger, about 12 years old, but I can’t remember the name of that book. It too was a mystery book, treasure hunt but it had a real prize buried somewhere and I think it involved bees. I’ve got to find that now!

Library Thing Beginnings

I am slowly starting to use LibraryThing. Does anyone else use it? Let me know and I’ll look you up! We have so many books, that it would be cool to use the site more as it lets you see who has the same books you have and you can read reviews, etc. Here is my very short beginning of my book catalog.

Time for a new book

Well, I finished Memoirs of a Geisha tonite. I did not remember the ending, so I was able to enjoy it all over again. Excellent material to stitch a geisha girl by. 🙂 So, I have decided that I must keep the theme going – so the next book I am going to listen to is Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka. This book is set in the Edo period of Japan and is an action book about a samarai warrior, his geisha love interest and three missionaries. I know absolutely nothing about it but thought I’d give it a try. And, if I decide after finishing this book too, I have another Japanese book ready to go. (will i ever stop working on the geisha???)

Also today I got some goodies in the mail. Yoonhye, one of the ladies whom I host pictures for, sent me several magazines — including an issue of Treasures in Needlework. That was extremely kind of her and I can’t wait to add them to the database. I also got my order in from 123 from which Kathy, another lady whose gallery I host, got me a gift certificate. With the gift certificate, I ordered Goldie & Jewel. I will probably start one of these soon. (I am so bad!)

I’m off to make some website updates now. Until later…