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My Cross-Stitch History

My Cross-Stitching


This post is for prosperity’s sake. I am beginning the process of phasing out our main website in favor of my blog, so I needed to make a post about my stitching so that I could link to it from my blog sidebar. Some of you will know all this already, but perhaps this will be new for some.I began stitching when I was 17, the summer after graduating high school. My mother used to stitch when I was younger, and I finally asked her to show me how to do it. Well, she did and it was on from there, I was hooked! I stitched off an on throughout school, and then starting in grad school, I started to stitch more frequently. Then, once I finished my master’s I began stitching obsessively. That time period lasted for about five years. Then, I had my daughter, and over the past couple of years, my stitching has seriously dwindled. The fact that I have also taken up new hobbies has also contributed to that. But, my love for it remains as high as ever and I know that in the next few years, I can look forward to having more time for it.

The last piece that I finished was this from an issue of Stitcher’s World. I finished in in March 2006 (just at a year ago at the time of this post).

Here are links to some of my stitching activities:

  • My Works in Progress (though, currently I am more of a one-at-a-time stitcher)
  • My Finished Projects – All the pieces I have finished.
  • XS Magazine Database – another site I created so it would be easier to look up magazine patterns.

It’s Been Relaxing & Hectic

It has been forever and a day since I last posted, but I’m still here. Have had a combination of relaxing/hectic few weeks – hectic during the week, but very relaxing on the weekends. New Year’s weekend we went to go visit the boys. Had a great time and my sister was even with us, so she got to see them again too.

Hobby wise, I still continue to work some stitching in and am still working on the Native American woman. Last week, I even stopped by my LNS for a quick visit and took Kaleya. Got to see some of the regular crew and even got to see a stitcher I haven’t seen in almost three years who lives up north from here.

Genealogy has been my other emphasis too. Check out my genealogy blog for what I’ve been up to in that respect lately. I’m hoping to get back to scrapping by the beginning of Feburary. I need to purchase Adobe PSE and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My TV shows are starting to come on again now – Rome, Sopranos, 24, American Idol, House – oh, the next few months will be great!

An Interview for xsmagdb

Guess what? This weekend, I was interviewed by a stitching magazine that wants to do a feature on my Cross-Stitch Magazine Database site! At this point, I’m not going to say which one b/c I want to see if it actually makes it to print, but I was rather tickled to even be approached about it! I will of course post again if that all pans out.

In all other realms of life all is going well. Work is as usual keeping me busy and of course miss kaleya is keeping me busy. We are getting prepared for the move to Memphis so I am now in the process of getting rid of junk! I have started reading FlyLady b/c I want to maintain a neat household for us given that I have an opportunity for a fresh start.

Still Here!

yeah – i’m still here — it’s been a hard week and a half since my last post. Kaleya got sick again with the same symptoms (vomiting and diarrhea), so she was out of daycare for 4 more days. She’s fine now, back in daycare and just as a happy as can be. πŸ™‚

We had a good Easter. Went to a friend’s for the day and Kaleya even got to do some Easter Egg hunting.

Stitching wise, I am starting to rotate a bit more. I stopped working on Angel of Grace and picked up New Zealand. This design is from an issue of Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch magazine and one day when I finish it I will give it to a dear friend of mine. Then, over the past couple of days I’ve been working on a Stoney Creek design.

Angel of Grace Progress

P1010075Here is my latest progress on Angel of Grace. The picture is not the best, but I’ve stitched a lot in the past month or so. I”ll continue to stitch on it until I get bored πŸ™‚

I Think I’m Gonna Cry

My computer is giving me the black screen of death! Kalonji called me while I was in Philly to tell me he couldn’t get it to work and sure enough when I tried after I got home last night, no luck. I am afraid I may have to completely reinstall Windows XP andΒ  hence, all the stuff I had stored on my harddrive is gone. I can reinstall all my programs that I normally use, but it’s such a pain to have to do it. What a pain — but I can’t even deal with it until next week…

I’m back home, had a great time in Philly. Had good food and had my first philly cheesesteak. Came home to a sick husband and daughter (they have colds) but all else is fine. Work was crazy today as of course I had to catch up!

Haven’t stitched very much in the past several days, but I’ll try to get a new pic up of Angel of Grace tomorrow. Today, Kaleya is 5 months old! and, tomorrow marks one year since we found out we were going to have her πŸ™‚

Apparently not geisha’d out

On Friday I thought I was ready to move on past working on the geisha. Apparently not! πŸ™‚

I did put down Oriental Lady Wisdom – so here is my latest progress picture of her. Not too much extra since the last one.

But my weekend did not go as I had planned. On thursday, I had the urge to rearrange furniture, so that is what I did on Friday night. Was up til the wee hours of the morning straightening up and rearranging stuff. I am happy with how I’ve done it though! Here are some pics, so you can also see where all my xs stuff is at around the apt. You can also see exactly where Oriental Lady Grace is hanging.

I did work on Yew Tree Cottage like I thought I might. I worked on it for several hours and completed most of the bottom row of trees save two colors that I don’t have on hand. Here is my latest pic on that one.

And speaking of geishas…. in going through more of my xs magazines while preparing them for indexing, I came across another geisha pattern that I had forgotten I had (this is the danger in going through magazines!). So, I had some extra fabric handy, and I had most of the colors that I needed, to start this geisha girl. I have done four hours on her and the stitching goes fast on this one. I thought the colors were nice and I already have a spot picked out for her when I finish it. I think she’ll look nice in our bathrooom.

{edited on 10/22 to remove picture — got a new update picture in new post}

And I even found time to go to the movies this weekend. I saw Runaway Jury and loved it! It is my favorite Grisham book and I was happy with how they did the movie. They changed a lot, but it was still fun.

Geisha’d out?

I think I am finally at a point where I am ready to move on past my Oriental Lady Wisdom πŸ™‚ In the past three days I have stitched another three hours on her. But I think the reason I am ready to move on is that I FINALLY brought my Oriental Lady Grace home from my LNS! I had her framed like 5 months ago, but took my sweet time paying it off. I am proud to say that she is hanging in our bedroom now, next to my Angel of the Morning. (here is a pic of where my AOTM is — i hung her between AOTM and the picture of the cougar) So, I think this gave me a sense of completion to the point I feel I can move on.

BTW – I did start to listen to the beginning of Cloud of Sparrows, so I think I will just continue with it over the weekend. No more themed stitching for me right now πŸ™‚

What’s next? Who knows! I was thinking I might work on Yew Tree Cottage tomorrow evening. I am stitching it on some Monaco which is very tightly woven and am contemplating starting it over again on a looser woven material. Also, this piece is not exactly evenweave, so it’s coming out to be more rectangular than square like it should be.

If not Yew Tree, then I may choose a Mirabila to work on; i’ve been feeling a Mirabilia urge lately. But really, it will all just come down to what calls me the loudest when I sit down tonight.

In non-stitching news, I got to do something very cool yesterday. I had a meeting with people in our Medical Center’s Lifeflight department, so I got to see an excellent view of Nashville as they are on the very top floor of the hospital. I also saw a helicopter land on the heliopad and they explained some of their operations to me. Very cool!

More work on the geisha

Since my last picture update I have stitched another 15 hours on my geisha. I went out of town this weekend so I did not get as much stitching in as I had orginally planned. But, I got in more than I expected I would so I guess that’s a good thing! This time around I worked mostly on the left side of her kimono, especially the lower left corner. I am saving the flowers for later.

So, here is my new progress picture. I think I will continue to work on her throughout the week, so expect more progress later on. And, I only have a few more hours left to go on my book, so I expect to be moving on to a new audiobook by Wednesday night.

[pic removed 11/17/03]

Geisha Crazy

This has been a great stitching weekend. I worked on my third Joan Elliott geisha (Here are pics of my first and second one.)

To complement my stitching, I started listening to Memoirs of A Geisha. I’ve read it before, but decided I’d listen to it again to keep me in the mood during my stitching. I LOVE this book! I have also watched several movies this weekend – Identity, Deliver Us From Eva, and the Life of David Gale. Enjoyed them all. Oh, and I went to the movies too with my friend Mary and we saw the new Denzel movie – Out of Time. It’s great – Go see it!

So, I got in about 14 hours of stitching since Friday night. Here is my progress picture as of this this early morning. The pics are scans pasted together, but you get the picture.
[link deleted]