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Book About Hurricane Katrina

From Taneya:  I’ve created an account on the blog for Jihad now so he can be a guest author.  Below is his first post. 🙂

I am reading a book called Ninth Ward.  It is about a girl named Lanesha who has a grandma named MaMa Ya-Ya.  Well Lanesha is a 12-year old girl that lives in New Orleans.  Lanesha has been seeing ghosts since she was an itty bitty baby.  But Lanesha has been having hard times at school because she has been seeing ghosts everywhere at her school.  She says they all look sad.  MaMA Ya-Ya is a very nice lady who raised Lanesha and took extra care of her.

The reason I am reading this book is because it is educational and tells you how bad Hurricane Katrina was when it hit New Orleans and how it killed a lot of people and flooded homes.  I am also reading this book cause when you read it it actually tells you in the book how people were in Hurricane Katrina and died or drowned.  My schoolteacher has the whole class reading this book because the author of the book, Jewell Parker Rhodes, is coming to our school, LEAD Academy, tomorrow to read to us and my teacher wants us to be prepared.

The book is great so far because I like how they descibe the ghost in the book cause I always wanted to know how ghost look.  I also think about this book so far how Lanesha survies Hurricane Katrina and saves Spot (the dog).



Digital Scrapbooking Can Start Again

I’m quite excited right now! I’ve just re-installed my favorite photo-editing software onto our desktop at home and am delighted to see that this new version works far better than the old version we had.  Back in May I had to restore the desktop back to factory settings and just hadn’t gotten around to getting my software back. I use Serif’s Photoplus SE (no affliation, just a happy user).  I’ve been using it for almost 7 years now and it works very similar to Adobe Photoshop.  Here’s to a night of digiscrapping!  I’ve started with this picture of my grandmother, Cora Mae Lawhorn Koonce (1932-2006).

The design is not mine; it’s a QuickPage by Lukasmummy from a blog train (several designers working collaboratively). It uses the Retail Therapy kit.

The Confession by John Grisham

Last week I finished reading John Grisham’s latest book.  I reacted very emotionally to the story; can’t tell you how or it might give it away, but I could hardly put the book down.  One night I even stayed up until about 3 in the morning to get through a certain part.  Love John Grisham’s stuff – he’s an excellent storyteller.  This is the 2nd book I’ve read using my Kindle App on my phone.

The Confession
John Grisham; Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group 2010

July 4th Fun

Yesterday was a very exciting July 4th! I took the kids downtown to join friends outside of the football stadium.  Fireworks were scheduled to begin at 9pm.  I’d not been to this before and was very much looking forward to it. Our friends set up a a tent outside the stadium and have food, games, fun, all kinds of stuff, for several hours before the show.  The tent we were in was pretty large, here is a view of just one side of it. There was room underneath for about 15 of us.

When we arrived at about 6pm, it was raining some, so we couldn’t sit out on the grass, but it did clear up for awhile. The kids all got goodies bags with things to keep them entertained, silly string, bubbles, confetti – they really enjoyed it. Here, Jihad checks out his goody bag.

At some point in between the rain, the fireworks crew set off some – our guess was to test the equipment but it was a fun teaser. I was talking through it in order to keep Kaleya excited; I didn’t want her to get too scared and she fortunately didn’t.

Then, after it was dark, it really started to rain again, so they started the fireworks early. It was so much fun! The finale was just crazy and I managed to get a clip of that:

We are all excited about going back next year. Then, today, we went to the movies to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. That was entertaining, though, I don’t think it was as good as the first one.

Hope everyone also had a good weekend! The rest of our pictures are here.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to al the father’s out there! I’ve just done this scrapbook page for Kalonji. 🙂

From My Digital Scrapbook Layouts

This design was created by Just For You DigiScraps and the name of the layout is “Dear Old Dad”

Major Milestone Reached & DigiScrapping To Share

Over the past week I’ve been quite relaxed.  At the end of May I reached a milestone in my degree program when I finished the curriculum portion.  Now, I need to focus heavily on research, but I am no longer in class 3 hours every day and also have to balance homework, work, family and squeeze in some time for hobbies.  Also, I’m quite excited about the research project I’ll be undertaking, and this month I’ll be writing up the research protocol and preparing for the next 10 months of work.

In other news, I was able to finally finish my scrapbook for my mother of Kaleya’s second year of life.  She has not seen it yet – I need to mail it to her this week, but I’m very delighted with the results.  Here is a slideshow of the pages:

This weekend I’m still doing some catch up at home and w/ some projects, and am beginning scrapbook #3 for my mom – this next one will cover the calendar year of 2007.

Dance Dance Revolution

OMG! It’s all I can say. I have been seriously thinking about getting Dance Dance Revolution for awhile now and today I finally purchased it. We have a PS2 that is not used very much, but this may change that for sure. This game is totally a workout.


Exergaming at it’s finest in our household.  I wonder if I played this long enough, repeatedly enough if it would really help me get fit? If they can use it in PE classes in school, it’s bound to be good for me right? 🙂

Flip Scrapbook

How cool is this! I was playing around with a site I found and created a flip book of my scrapbook for Kaleya’s first year. There is a problem with the next to last image, and i do have typos in some of my pages, but this is too neat!

Slow Posts

my poor little blog 🙂 Facebook is all the rage for me now – it’s easier to connect w/ my friends and family that way.

The advantage of having this blog though is that it is a wonderful archive of what has gone on in our family, so I come back here to help me remember things. Like, the time Kalonji and I disagreed on whether or not he had been with me to Rainforest Cafe and so I proved it by coming back to a blog post I did four years ago. It’s great 🙂

But, for now, blogging on here will be sporadic. Until next time, enjoy this digital scrapbook page I did of Kaleya and her friend with pictures from a recent trip to the zoo.