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Flip Scrapbook

How cool is this! I was playing around with a site I found and created a flip book of my scrapbook for Kaleya’s first year. There is a problem with the next to last image, and i do have typos in some of my pages, but this is too neat!

Slow Posts

my poor little blog 🙂 Facebook is all the rage for me now – it’s easier to connect w/ my friends and family that way.

The advantage of having this blog though is that it is a wonderful archive of what has gone on in our family, so I come back here to help me remember things. Like, the time Kalonji and I disagreed on whether or not he had been with me to Rainforest Cafe and so I proved it by coming back to a blog post I did four years ago. It’s great 🙂

But, for now, blogging on here will be sporadic. Until next time, enjoy this digital scrapbook page I did of Kaleya and her friend with pictures from a recent trip to the zoo.

Kaleya & Friend

Look! A DigiScrap page! I haven’t done a scrapbook page in quite a while now. I had a separate blog for it, but decided to let that one go as I don’t do this often enough to justify a separate blog. I have plenty other blogs to keep me busy 🙂 This is Kaleya over Memorial Day Weekend with her BFF.

I was inspired to do a page after one of the genealogy blogs I read posted about scrapbooking + genealogy. The guest poster listed a website that I was not familiar with and I just spent about two hours downloading freebies. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Pictures from Florida Trip

I’d hope to add even more pictures from our Florida vacation to my Picasa site by now, but I have some pictures that I’m not able to get off the camera yet, so they’ll have to wait. The picture below was taken by my brother and I absolutely love it! I was picking Kaleya up to jump waves and I just kept picking her up higher and higher.

The rest of the pictures are here.

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending some time on my digital scrapbooking and have made several page layouts for the second year book I’m working on for Kaleya.