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Feb 12: Cheesecake Factory

Oh my, Kalonji and I went out on a Valentine’s Day dinner Friday night with friends.  We began the night by going to Cheesecake Factory.  However, the line was so long we decided to go see the movie first (Wolfman), then come back to CF for dinner.

The movie was so much better than I expected.  I love Benecio Del Toro & Anthony Hopkins both, so that made it enjoyable too.

Then, after the movie, we enjoyed our CF dinner.  I had the Spicy Chicken Cashew dish and had to bring more than half of it home.

January 31: My Namesake

If you didn’t know, I was named after a cougar in an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man.  Below is said cougar, Taneha and Lee Majors.

Thanks to my mommy for sending it to me!

January 11: Vanderbilt, My Vanderbilt

One of the Vandy bridges. Walked across it today; hadn’t done that in awhile. I felt very nostalgic going to the building again though considering I made that trek almost every day from August 2008-May 2009.

Project 365: Day 9 – Trip to Verizon

last night my Droid died.  Had to go to Verizon to see what was wrong.  It was a quick fix though – just had a bad battery.  But, 18 hours without my cell phone was NOT fun! 🙂

Project 365: January 7 – Snow!

This picture was taken by Kelli so I’m stealing it for my Jan 7 picture.  We got the snow that was predicted, though much less.  In any case, Jihad got his snow day.  This was taken on Vanderbilt’s campus.