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January 11: Vanderbilt, My Vanderbilt

One of the Vandy bridges. Walked across it today; hadn’t done that in awhile. I felt very nostalgic going to the building again though considering I made that trek almost every day from August 2008-May 2009.

Project 365: Day 9 – Trip to Verizon

last night my Droid died.  Had to go to Verizon to see what was wrong.  It was a quick fix though – just had a bad battery.  But, 18 hours without my cell phone was NOT fun! 🙂

Project 365: January 7 – Snow!

This picture was taken by Kelli so I’m stealing it for my Jan 7 picture.  We got the snow that was predicted, though much less.  In any case, Jihad got his snow day.  This was taken on Vanderbilt’s campus.