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Picasa Faces

While catching up on some blog reading tonight, I saw that Picasa has a new “faces” tagging feature for their web albums.  I decided to give it a try and how cool!   

After scanning all the pictures I have in my Picasa Web Albums, it brings up collections of faces for me to tag.  I present to you, the Many Faces of Kaleya.  I am very impressed that it recognized her 🙂
It even has clustered her with family members, including one picture of Kalonji’s mom as a little girl 

Trying Out Xobni

In my last post I put up a video that demonstrates an application that goes with Microsoft Outlook and helps manage the email — it is called Xobni. I’ve been using it for about three days now and I love it.

Unfortunately, I’m not at work and I forgot to grab some screenshots, but I am finding it very helpful in keeping track of who has sent me what files and email. I highly recommend it.

In other news – we are going into our busy time of the year. We will have my stepsons for this coming week and then next week, Kalonji has a course to attend for a week. Then, after that, we are planning to go to Alabama. In addition to this, my sister is moving to Nashville and will be working at my library while she takes this year off to apply to grad school.

We will definitely be busy!

Help with Outlook?

Will this application be my saving grace for using MS Outlook at work? I just downloaded it and will be giving it a trial over the next few days. I’ll report my opinion this weekend.

Google Failing Me

Dear Google,

You may be losing me as an avid customer! I have now converted two of my blogs over to WordPress b/c it’s just easier to use than blogger.  I am also becoming quickly addicted to Zoho for their Word-like and Excel-like program. Come on Google – you can do better!

I have posted before about how much I am into Google, but I find that they need to do more to keep up with some of the competitors!

Okay – that was a random post, but I felt like saying something. 🙂 I need to go to bed, it’s after midnight and I have to get up at 6am.

Tomorrow night I am going to my first ever hockey game – it is the opening night for the Nashville Predators. I know absolutely nothing about hockey, so hopefully I will have learned a lot by the end of the game tomorrow night.

Making a Mashup

We interrupt this blog for a geek post – I made my first mashup today! Well, maybe you can’t call it a mashup proper, but I was able to make a Google Map using my own data. I’m doing an experiment for a lookup tool that I think would have most benefit if the subject of the map could be looked up geographically. I won’t give all the boring details, but the site I used is Cool. i will share if I decide to move forward with it.

Web 2.0 – Future of the Web

A co-worker of mine sent this video to me and I just had to post it. At work last week, I shared with my colleagues information about Web 2.0 and where the web is going these days. This is a good video to demonstrate some of the changes that are going on with the web. I am all about web 2.0 and for me personally – removing myself from dependency upon any specific computer for my work/personal productivity (i.e. see My Unistalled Life).

I love the Internet. 🙂

What is GMAIL doing?

I logged into GMAIL this morning to check my email and they have a message up about increasing MB space. I thought, cool! It’s up from 1000 MB to 1333 MB. Well, I logged back in about 10 minutes later and it was up to 1341 MB. If you look at their site, you see the number of MB offered is going increasingly higher (it’s like a ticker). So, I logged back in again just now and it’s up to 1355 of MB space.  This is cool!

Now, It’s april 1st – is this an April Fool’s joke? GMAIL was announced last year on April 1st and people thought it was a joke – yet it turned out to be true. Let me just say, I LOVE GOOGLE!  Let’s see if this turns out to be a joke or not.  But in any case, Google rocks! If anyone wants a GMAIL address, let me know – I have plenty of invites to use.

One of my latest Google discoveries is Google Maps — the way they do the maps makes them so you can click and drag — much easier to use than Mapquest or Yahoo maps 🙂

Computer is back up

my computer is back up! i’m so excited. I did a system restore last night and managed to get almost everything back. There are a few applications that I will have to install again, but overall I am happy about the outcome.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve added a new link to my Links menu on the left side of the screen. It is to my blogroll — Bloglines is a service that provides an easy way to read a whole bunch of blogs and rss feeds in one place — without me having to remember to go to each site individually. I love it! I am slowly adding more feeds to it and I find it very convenient to use.

Not sure what plans the weekend holds — i’ll report more later.

I Think I’m Gonna Cry

My computer is giving me the black screen of death! Kalonji called me while I was in Philly to tell me he couldn’t get it to work and sure enough when I tried after I got home last night, no luck. I am afraid I may have to completely reinstall Windows XP and  hence, all the stuff I had stored on my harddrive is gone. I can reinstall all my programs that I normally use, but it’s such a pain to have to do it. What a pain — but I can’t even deal with it until next week…

I’m back home, had a great time in Philly. Had good food and had my first philly cheesesteak. Came home to a sick husband and daughter (they have colds) but all else is fine. Work was crazy today as of course I had to catch up!

Haven’t stitched very much in the past several days, but I’ll try to get a new pic up of Angel of Grace tomorrow. Today, Kaleya is 5 months old! and, tomorrow marks one year since we found out we were going to have her 🙂