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My Return to Knitting – Dr. Who Scarf

In the past few months, Kalonji has become a huge Dr. Who fan.  And, he’s turned Kaleya into one too! It’s so cute.  Last night, he took her out on a daddy + daughter date to go see the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.”

Then, this morning, Kalonji sends me a picture of the scarf worn by the 4th Doctor and told me he wanted one.  To which I replied – “I’ll make it for you!”

4th Doctor figurine

And, make it for him I will. I’m actually quite excited – I haven’t knit in about 12 years so it will be fun to return to it.  This will by my Christmas and Anniversary present to Kalonji.

A funny thing though is that when I showed the picture of the scarf to Kaleya, she recognized it – and, when I asked who from the show wore it, she replied “The 4th Doctor.”  Wow! Not just any Doctor – she knew it was the 4th one.  #smh

It may take me forever and a day, but I am going to enjoy doing this while doing my binge TV watching.  Tonight we went to Michael’s and I picked up the yarn for it. The pattern was easy enough to find and as colorful as it it, there are only 7 colors used in it – not too bad.  The colors as you see in the picture is not quite true to what they are in person, and the colors I’ve chosen are not quite “true” to the original – but it’s close enough for Kalonji.

I took the time to figure out my gauge and everything, so the final product will be about 12 inches wide and 12 feet long.  Vanna White’s Vanna’s Choice yarn by LionBrand (mostly- there is one exception). I am using size 6 needles (14 inch long) and the scarf will be 50 stitches wide.

Looks like most of my genealogy projects will have to go on hiatus in the month of December.  🙂