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Library Thing Beginnings

I am slowly starting to use LibraryThing. Does anyone else use it? Let me know and I’ll look you up! We have so many books, that it would be cool to use the site more as it lets you see who has the same books you have and you can read reviews, etc. Here is my very short beginning of my book catalog.

It’s Been Relaxing & Hectic

It has been forever and a day since I last posted, but I’m still here. Have had a combination of relaxing/hectic few weeks – hectic during the week, but very relaxing on the weekends. New Year’s weekend we went to go visit the boys. Had a great time and my sister was even with us, so she got to see them again too.

Hobby wise, I still continue to work some stitching in and am still working on the Native American woman. Last week, I even stopped by my LNS for a quick visit and took Kaleya. Got to see some of the regular crew and even got to see a stitcher I haven’t seen in almost three years who lives up north from here.

Genealogy has been my other emphasis too. Check out my genealogy blog for what I’ve been up to in that respect lately. I’m hoping to get back to scrapping by the beginning of Feburary. I need to purchase Adobe PSE and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My TV shows are starting to come on again now – Rome, Sopranos, 24, American Idol, House – oh, the next few months will be great!

Would you believe that I have actually spent the last three days in a row STICHING! I got the urge on Saturday, ran to my LNS to get some thread colors I was lacking and Sat night started on my project again. It feels so good – I have got to do this on a more regular basis again 🙂 Anyway, the last time I posted about my stitching was back in September. I have not stitched since we moved back to Nashville. While I stitched, I watched CSI Las Vegas. I had never seen an episode of CSI before and I have now watched all of Season Two.

In Christmas news, I of course took pictures and have them posted here. Kaleya enjoyed openig her presents and actually knew what to do with them this year — last year, it took her ahwile to figure out that she was supposed to take the paper off.

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Merry Christmas Eve!
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Just wanted to post this picture of Kaleya opening her first Christmas present this year – this was from a co-worker – it is a Dora book and it is great for naming things. You’ll see Kaleya in this same outfit tomorrow though – gotta get as much out of it as I can!

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New Die Hard Movie

Kalonji just made me SO happy! He sent me an email link to the preview for the next Die Hard – Live Free or Die Hard. I LOVE Bruce Willis and the Die Hard movies and I had no idea they were making a 4th. I know what I’ll be doing on July 4th!

busy, busy, busy, busy — describes me the past couple of weeks. My last post was made while I was in the DC area for a business trip. We had a great finish to the trip and I even managed to take a few pictures of the National Library Medicine (i worked there for a year, just out of library school, back from 99-00).

I returned home on Friday night the 17th, and got up the next morning to go to Alabama for a quick visit to Kalonji’s family. While we were in Talladega, Kalonji spent some time trying to clear out some of the overgrown trees/shrubbery over some of his ancestors’ graves. He made good progress, but we’ll need to go back with an axe to cut down some of the overgrowth. This is important to us though, so it will probably be something we work on each time we go back down to Talladega for awhile.

Then, for Thanksgiving, we came to my father’s place in Greensboro and have spent the last few days here. We head back to Nashville tomorrow and it’s back to work as usual on Monday! It’s been a great few weeks and I am eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holiday too. I promised Kalonji we would get a little tree, so I’ll be getting one next weekend for our living room.

ta ta for now…

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Baltimore. We are visiting a library there. I am hoping that I get a chance to go to HarborPlace tomorrow night afterwards. I need to buy some souvenirs.

The conference continues to go well. I had lunch at an Italian place up the street, Anna Maria’s and had gnocchi. It was good, but I think I really wanted pasta alfredo and I really should have ordered that. Had dinner with my cousin tonite and had mexican at a restaurant around the corner.

I probably won’t have any pictures until next week as I don’t have a way to upload them to the laptop, but I will be sure to share once I do.

Washington DC! I thoroughly enjoy this city! So far, the conference is going well, I’ve attended a few different sessions now and been to a workshop on XML. There are two more days left now, and I hope to continue to learn new things.

While here, I am also meeting up with friends/family. Yesterday afternoon after my class, I met Shalini and her family. Her son, Mehul is SO ADORABLE!!! We had a nice visit and it was great to be able to meet her and her family. We will definitely have to meet up again.

This morning, I had breakfast with two of my cousins, Kamesha & Nicky, as well as Kamesha’s husband and their two sons. The boys are 5 and 9 months and this was my first time meeting them. Too cute! We had breakfast at IHop where I had some scrumptous pancakes. Then, I hopped back on the Metro to come back to the hotel. Tonight, I’ll be staying in getting some reading done and relaxing. The next two days will be hectic.

Kaleya just said the longest phrase she’s ever said. I was just looking at a Pottery Barn catalog and said “oooh”. She yells “Let me see it!” okay – too grown. She’s been saying “I see it” but this was the first time she’s said a complete real sentence like that!

Not much else is going on. I am going to DC Friday for a weeklong business trip. I am excited about the trip, but sure will miss being away from Kalonji & Kaleya while I’m gone. We are going to be off to NC for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to that. It’s been awhile since I was home for a holiday.

Okay, so i’m like 2 days late posting this, but Happy Halloween! We had a great time taking Kaleya to the mall to do her trick-or-treating. This was her first time doing it and I think she enjoyed it. We dressed her up as a fairy and she was too cute!

Other than the trick-or-treating, I’ve been super busy both at home and at work. At home, we got a new set of bookshelves that we found at a local Salvation Army. Now, you know you’re a librarian when you get rid of a dresser, to make room for bookshelves! But, I got that set up last night and put our books and things in it. I love it – it takes up a whole wall and looks so majestic.

And, tonite, I’m setting up our new computer. I have a ton of files to transfer from the old one to the new one, so that will probably be what I end up doing this weekend. We got a new HP Pavillion slimline and its cool b/c it is so little. The CPU is a third of the size of a convential CPU. 200 gigs of hard drive, and an AMD 3500+ processor. Memory is only 512 and I would have ideally preferred 1G, but I can upgrade that later. Setting up PC’s is so laborious. But, I must get my scrapbooking files on it!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I think I am done with my first scrapbook – my book to commemorate Kaleya’s first year of life. I will think about it over the next few days to see if I have any other moments I want to add, but the book is already at 35 pages so is going to be a nice size book. You can see the contents here. I already have the hardbound book for it, so I’ll just need to pick up some extra pages. I am so happy about this!