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And here she is! My latest progress picture on my Julie Hasler Nez Perce woman. I am LOVING this project! the colors in the picture from the magazine do no justice – the colors are so vibrant.

In family news — Kalonji FINALLY did it! He started his very own blog! I’m so proud. Let me warn you – my husband can be quite controversial and is very non-conformist in his approach to life 🙂 makes me wonder how in the world he ever ended up in the military! But, enjoy! It definitely makes for interesting reading.

Oh, and I have not posted this yet, but I will soon have another nephew/niece! My brother and his wife are expecting and are due in December. At this point, they think she is having a girl, but she has to go back in for another ultrasound soon to be sure. I hope they have a girl! That way, Kaleya will have another girl cousin — right now, she has 4 brothers and 7 boy cousins — she needs another girl to grow up with.

And, in scrapping news — I went on a downloading frenzy today getting several freebies. Oh my – how do you all keep up! In any case, last night and tonite I made these two Christmas 04 pages of Kaleya.

I’ve done absolutely no stitching this weekend! However, I do have quite a bit done since the picture I last posted as I worked on her throughout the week. I am way to sleepy to try and take a pic now, so I’ll get that up as soon as I can.

During the course of the weekend I have been busy and preoccupied with my newspaper indexing project. I won’t go into details here, but in brief, I made some adjustments to my database and website that I have specifically for that and then started a blog just for that project. Insane. I was up until 6 am Sunday for working on that database!

Saturday night we went to a friend’s grandmother’s 80th birthday party! Mama Shug is an excellent, caring person and we enjoyed being around her family.

Today, I haven’t done much. Our washing machine decided to spring a leak while I was in Destin, so Kalonji graciously went to the laundromat for us so we could have clean clothes! This evening we visited with friends.

Then, just as I was about to go to bed tonight, I got a new freebie alert from Digital Freebies and as soon as I saw the page, I had to go ahead and scrap it as I had pictures perfect for it! Here is my latest scrapbook page. This outfit that Kaleya was wearing was one of my favorites at the time and it had ladybugs all over it. Kaleya is with our friend Sandi in the top picture, and then of course with her Daddy in the second one. Perfect! and it only took me about 10 minutes to make it 🙂

And, in tech news.. if you haven’t heard – Google has opened up -the free online word processor they acquisitioned awhile ago – yet another product I’d been waiting for and I love it already!

Alas, my vacation is over. See, it got so good, I couldn’t even take the time to post about it! 🙂 Well, towards the end of the week, we just continuted to go around to the various beaches in the area, take pictures and stitch. I got quite a bit of stitching done. The thursday before we left, i started the Nez Perce woman and this is how much of her I completed.

I am definitely on a roll with her and since being home, have stitched even more. I’ll post a new pic this weekend perhaps and maybe I’ll have a good chunk more completed.

In the scrapbooking arena, I’ve decided that my Destin trip will be my first real scrapbook. I’ve already digi-scrapped four pages and I hope to do a few more each week until I complete it. I’m aiming for around 20 or so pages. While in Destin however, I did find a new scrapbooking software to use. It makes the process so much easier than the photo program I had been using. I am still thinking of getting Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, but for now, this will do – it’s called Scrapbook Flair and it’s completely free! I can use it to import all the papers, etc I’ve already downloaded too. This is an example of one of the early pages I made with it – not perfect, but cool anyway.

I am in love with Seaside, Fl! (and the several beaches right around it). Yesterday, we spent the morning lounging around and stitching and then headed back over to the Seaside area. We started off by looking around Rosemary Beach, then Alys Beach, and then Seaside.

The architecture around Rosemary Beach reminds me of an English village (well, at least from the cross-stitch charts that I see of English villages). The picture on the left is just an example building. The clusters of cottages and houses along the gulf looked gorgeous.

We then drove all of 1/2 mile over to Alys Beach. Alys Beach is a planned community still in development and is exquisite. All white buildings made of what looks like stucco — very reminiscent of Greek architecture. In fact, on of the local developers is Greek and so I guess that is the feel he was going for. There is this house next to Alys Beach that is crazy huge! We learned that is is the home of a local developer and costs over $50 million. It’s been in construction for 5 years and still is not done. There were other beautiful homes in this beach as well.

Then, the icing on the cake was Seaside. It is the cutest little village of houses all close together and painted in bright vibrant colors. The design is made to also facilitate a community and it was just so cute. Each house here has names and there are some funny names — “Abracadabra,” “Now Todd’s Gotta Pay,” “A Shore Thing,” “Good Night Moon,” “Mom’s Day Off,” and “Mellow Yellow” are just a few of them. I posted earlier how the Truman Show was filmed here, well, we passed the Truman House! Then, after all the driving around, we came back to the condo and watched the Truman Show. Great day. There are pictures of course!

Destin Day 3

See that car? We were driving behind it yesterday on the highway and I took a picture of it because I thought the license plate was cute! We were on our way to the stitching store in Fort Walton and when we get there, guess who was there? This car! I was too tickled. The lady who drove it was inside shopping. I didn’t get a chance to ask her, but I guess she must have an affinity for numbers :-). Mary and I picked up a couple of beach designs at the Stitchery House and the people there were very nice and helpful. Then, we left the store and headed out towards Seaside.

Seaside is a quaint little beach community about 20 minutes to the east of Destin. Apparently, some of the Truman Show was filmed there. In this picture from a dock in Watercolor, you can see some of the buildings of Seaside. It was a really cute area with colorful buildings and cute shops. We then went over to Alys Beach (the rich part!) though rather quickly b/c it was about to rain. We will go back there today so I hope to get better pictures. Then, we headed back to Destin to eat dinner, visit a couple of bookstores and pick up some more movies. Last night we watched V for Vendetta. That is an exellent movie.

And, as for that stitching by the beach pic – still hasn’t happened — but I’m not leaving here til I get it!

Destin – Day 2

That was the sight on the beach this morning when I woke up. I slept entirely too long this morning — didn’t get up until around 10:30! Oh, but the sleep felt good. We didn’t do too much today. Lounged around, I helped Mary do some stuff online. This afternoon we went in search of stitching stores in the area and went to one that we found out was out of business, and the other was not open on Mondays. Apparently, I did not do my research well enough! The stores are in Ft. Walton and Mary Esther, FL — so at least we got to see a different area. We’ll head back that way later this week though.

A storm rolled through late afternoon, so we stayed inside for awhile. Hit Walmart after that and came back and watched Madea’s Family Reunion. Tomorrow, we plan on sitting on the beach in the morning and then doing some more driving around to nearby beach areas in the afternoon. I didn’t get any stitching done today, but look out for that stitching by the beach pic tomorrow!

Destin – Day 1

I am in heaven! I am in Destin, FL with my friend Mary on a week-long vacation! Kalonji is the world’s greatest husband for letting me go and holding down the fort with Kaleya!!!! I miss them already though, I missed them no sooner than I got on the road!

We got here yesterday and are staying literally right on the beach. Mary has use of a condo RENT FREE this week, so when she called to ask if I could come along with her, I certainly had to come. It took us about 7 hours to drive down here and the drive was overall pleasant. We got stopped a couple of times by some heavy rains, but we made it. Every store we could want is right here and is just like being at home, except we have an bayside view. Gorgeous! We stopped at Publix last night and got a few groceries and watched The Inside Man last night. I was so tired when I went to bed. I brought my stitching too. I started the companion piece to my Sioux Chef by Julie Hasler – she is called Nez Woman if I remember correctly.

Well, I am getting hungry so I’m off to make me some breakfast. We don’t have anything specific planned today, so who knows what we’ll get into. Ta ta for now!

Quick scrapbooking update! I ordered sample pages from Scrapbooks To Share and got them about 10 minutes ago. I am so in love! The quality is great and they look wonderful! I was having some software problems, so I haven’t made any new pages in about three weeks, but this is inspiring me to look around for a new program so I can make more!

I have added a self-submission tool to my Cross Stitch Magazine Database. I am hopeful that more people will contribute now so that the site will continue to grow! There is a link from the front page, so if you have some magazines that you want to add – check it out!

The past week, work has kept me ultra busy as we are writing a paper to submit for publication. If it gets published, I will of course post about it.

Family life remains calm – not much to report there! Just having a relaxing end of summer. In stitching news, I have started to stitch again. And, seems I forgot to post that I started on Fish City a couple of months ago. Maybe this weekend I’ll get my first progress pic of it.

And then there were two….

Last weekend we took three of the boys back home to IN. Even with all the chaos that it entailed while they were here, I miss them! We had a great time with them and this is the first time that all five kids got to be with each other for more than a week. Now, we just have Jihad with us and we will have him until August.

In stitching news, I am currently having a dilemma in regards to my site. I am trying to figure out a way right now to make the site more open so that anyone can contribute to it. Here we are in July already and I have added practically no new content to the database since January. If it were more open and anyone could contribute, it would make it a better resource for everyone. With all that I have going on right now I would hate to see the site suffer just b/c I don’t have the time to add to it.

However, to do this will require me to either a) change my format completely and re-enter all 350 magazines that I’ve indexed already or b) learn more programming skills so I can keep the existing database but allow online submissions. At this point, I am not sure which one I will do. I plan over the next week or so to play around with option a and see just how long it takes me to re-enter some magazines. I have a feeling that I will lean towards the first option though as it could be made more open sooner rather than later. we’ll see – more on that to come later.

And, just because, here is a picture I took yesterday with Kaleya.