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Okay, so i’m like 2 days late posting this, but Happy Halloween! We had a great time taking Kaleya to the mall to do her trick-or-treating. This was her first time doing it and I think she enjoyed it. We dressed her up as a fairy and she was too cute!

Other than the trick-or-treating, I’ve been super busy both at home and at work. At home, we got a new set of bookshelves that we found at a local Salvation Army. Now, you know you’re a librarian when you get rid of a dresser, to make room for bookshelves! But, I got that set up last night and put our books and things in it. I love it – it takes up a whole wall and looks so majestic.

And, tonite, I’m setting up our new computer. I have a ton of files to transfer from the old one to the new one, so that will probably be what I end up doing this weekend. We got a new HP Pavillion slimline and its cool b/c it is so little. The CPU is a third of the size of a convential CPU. 200 gigs of hard drive, and an AMD 3500+ processor. Memory is only 512 and I would have ideally preferred 1G, but I can upgrade that later. Setting up PC’s is so laborious. But, I must get my scrapbooking files on it!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I think I am done with my first scrapbook – my book to commemorate Kaleya’s first year of life. I will think about it over the next few days to see if I have any other moments I want to add, but the book is already at 35 pages so is going to be a nice size book. You can see the contents here. I already have the hardbound book for it, so I’ll just need to pick up some extra pages. I am so happy about this!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Kaleya — Happy Birthday to You!!!

Today is Kaleya’s 2nd Birthday and we are all pooped out after this weekend’s celebration. It was so much fun though and I no longer feel guilty that we did not do a celebration for her 1st year. I think she is more able to appreciate it now 🙂

We had a great time! We went to Evansville so that she could celebrate with her brothers and she had lots of family there too – including a girl cousin (such a rarity). We had Dora, Backyardigans, and the Disney Princesses all making appearances in the decorations and of course, we had cake and ice cream. Kalonji got her a pinata for all the kids to open and that was crazy – it was so cool to see all the candy spill out on the floor and everyone going for it!

And, her main present was a Dora mini-ATV. She was quite eager to get on, but on the first ride, had a little malfunction (partly my fault) and she fell off. Well, after that, she didn’t want to get on it. So, we had her cousin ride it until she was sufficiently jealous to try and push him off so she could get on – worked wonders!

And, of course you know me — i do have more pictures up – you can see them here.

We are back from the underground!!

Oh – I am so happy to be back up. Tonite, our phone is on and we got the DSL up and running. Without having internet access for the past week and a half, I have felt so unconnected from the world. However, that has been good for me in the new place b/c last week I had nothing else to do but unpack.

The move went well. Our belongings were picked up on the 29th and delivered to us here in Nashville on the morning of the 2nd. We love our new place and I managed to get all of our boxes unpacked (with the exception of about 8 boxes for which I need to buy bookshelves for them). And, just today, we got rid of all of our empty, broken down boxes.

Kaleya likes the new place a lot!

Then, this past weekend we went to Evansville for a quick visit. Kalonji’s mom got a new house so we went to go help with the move. Had a good weekend, but I was sick as a dog on Saturday. I thought I was never going to get better – but some TheraFlu and lots of rest later, I felt fine enough to go back for my first day at work yesterday.

This week, we are doing various things around the house – hanging pictures, etc. We are going to Evansville again this weekend – Kaleya’s birthday is Monday, so we will celebrate up there with her brothers. Should be fun! Hopefully, all will return to some normality next week.

We are one day closer to the move. Today the moving company came and boxed up our belongings. Took them hours. Again, despite how much JUNK it seems I get rid of with each move, more seems to accumulate! I initially thought they were going to actually load it up on a truck and take it away today, but not to be — that happens tomorrow. So, tomorrow morning, this house will be so empty! Then, I’ll spend tomorrow night and Saturday cleaning. The joys of moving!

I should have in fact been doing more of that tonite, but my scrapping got the best of me. You can check out my digiscrap blog to see what I’ve been up to there. I think the cats know that something is up too..they’ve been acting funny all night.

Speaking of up, I must go down. It’s 1am and I still have to take this computer down so the movers can take this table out tomorrow. I’ll be using the computer on the floor for the next couple of days. Goodnight!