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Okay – couldn’t help it! Have to post more of my pages 🙂

This one is a QuickPages set from

This one is another quickpages but from Shabby Princess

And, this one I made using a kit from Lisa Whitney

Yesterday, I also bought some scrapbooking magazines and a chunky scrapbook book that so far is going to give me some great ideas! I am thinking of it as a bday present to myself. I also started an album for my pages if you want to keep up — I promise not to keep flooding my blog with them 🙂

I posted some time ago that I am really interested in scrapbooking. My interest peaked soon after Kaleya was born and then I have seen so many online scrapbooking sites/people and it looks like a great hobby. Trouble is, I know myself and collecting all the papers and embellishments was just not going to work for me. So, seeing some of Jennie’s digi-scraps inspired me to write to her for tips and advice. And boy, did she give it! I am now hooked!

So, last night, I made my first three digital scrapbook pages.

This first one is of one set of my great-grandparents.

The second one is from a bday party celebration we went to on Saturday. They probably look amateurish, but I enjoy doing them. 🙂

My third one was easier – I just inserted pictures.

Our July 4th weekend started out wonderfully. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a family friend who turned 13. Putt-Putt and CiCi’s Pizza – it’s the way to go! Pictures up at on my picasaweb.

Google keeps winning me over! Not only have I fallen in love with their online spreadsheet application, Google Spreadsheets, but I have just used Picasa Web Albums and love that too. They are seriously on a mission to take over the internet world arent’t they?

Since my last post, my brother got married! The wedding was in NC on June 17th and it was so nice. I have pictures up online of course. My sister and I were both bridesmaids in the wedding. We had a great time and it was good to see family again.

No stitching progress to report because I have not crossed one x in the past three weeks. oh well, maybe next month 🙂

Utter Chaos

Utter chaos is the best description for my life the past couple of weeks! We have been extraordinarily busy again 🙂 Right after my last post, we jetsetted off to Phoenix as I had a business conference out there. We were there for about 5 days and had a great time! We really enjoyed it and it is true what they say about the heat being different because it is dry. It didn’t feel too bad at all actually, even though temps were 100+ almost each day we were there. Kaleya had a grand time too – she travelled well and she loved riding around in her stroller as we pushed her around downtown. While there we went to the Arizona Science Center Musueum, visited St. Mary’s Bascilica and just hung out in general in the downtown area. We also took Kaleya swimming for the first time too and she loved it! Of course I have pictures 🙂 — they are online but are in backwards order, so if you view them, start with the picture I have linked and then click PREVIOUS. (view pics)

Then, after we got back from Arizona, it was off to pick up the boys as we are going to have them with us for about six weeks. We have them home with us now and are having a blast! Let me tell ya – I look at all five kids together and I know I could seriously have more kids! We haven’t ruled it out completely yet to have another child (once Kaleya is in school), but I know we won’t be having more than one more and that truly saddens me sometimes.. I LOVE kids.

In stitching news — well, there is no stitching news. Probably won’t be for the next two months. I’ve got five WIPs that are keeping me quite busy right now 🙂

I have a new progress pic of my Sioux Chief. Despite not stitching as much as I’d ideally like, I have been getting in enough time that I think I am making good progress – it’s hard having multiple hobbies!

This weekend we are off to Phoenix for about five days — I have a conference to attend and K&K get to come with. What in the world is there to do in Phoenix? Guess we’ll find out 🙂 Then, Memorial Day weekend we will be picking up the boys to bring them back with us to spend the next month with us! Whoo-hoo!

We actually did something fun today! We went to a Greek Food Festival today at one of the Greek churches in the area. I got to have Baklava. I LOVE Baklava. Shame I can only eat it a few times a year (that is one RICH pastry). I put some pictures up online on PictureTrail as they have this cool feature:

We had a nice time. It was good to get out and be about town. I expect we will be doing more of that this summer as we will have 3 of the 4 boys with us for two months. Watch out Memphis, here we come!

And, on a different note – I finally took the plunge – I made us a MySpace page. Really out of sheer curiosity to this huge social phenomenon. So, my fellow stitchers & genealogists — hit me up if you have a MySpace page too!

I really do have a problem.. why, oh why do I keep starting new projects! Yes – that means I started a new one. 🙂 Over the weekend, I started this Indian Sioux Chief by Julie Hasler. He is absolutely stunning.. I am loving seeing his face take shape and it is very realistic. So far I have put in around 15 hours I think and it actually stitches up fairly fast. I am doing it from Issue 3 of Cross Stitch Gold, but I also have the book that he appears in.

In non-stitching news, things have been quite busy for us. We’ve been travelling to see family, and this month will remain fairly busy so I may not post very often for awhile. But, as I have more stitching updates I will definitely be sharing them.

I have been a horrible blogger! No posts in about three weeks. Such a shame. Well, much has been going on.

  • Stitching — Over the past few weeks, I had been putting in regular work on a design I am stitching from Stoney Creek magazine. However, last week I began to get very frustrated with it because it seemed like every night I would make a mistake and have to frog.. it was driving me crazy! So, i think that means I need to switch to something else. This week sometime I’ll try and get a picture of my progress and then pick out something else to work on.
  • Genealogy – still going strong. I have been locating additional information, including even potential slave owners of some of my ancestors. Highly exciting!
  • family life — where to even start! We have started potty training Kaleya. She understands the concept already. Whether or not she will “deliver” anytime soon remains to be seen. But, she definitely knows when she needs to be changed and will start taking her diaper/pull up off and head to the bathroom. too cute. This weekend we went to Alabama to visit family and this coming weekend we will go visit the boys. I have been very bad about putting pictures up over the past few months so once things settle with all the travelling, I am going to try to start doing that more often.

And, not much else to report. I am glad summer is coming! But, I forsee even busier times ahead. 🙂