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Kaleya is SuperHuman

Over the weekend, Kaleya showed me one of the routines they have her class do in PE class at school. I thought it was great! Obviously a way of doing some strength-training with the kids. Kaleya is already pretty strong, but one-armed pushups??  Puts me to shame 🙂


One week, Jihad even came home and said they were doing a Michael Jackson routine as a whole grade exercise at his school.  How cool.   Nothing like PE was when I was young.

Scenes from a Birthday Party

Over the weekend we held a birthday party for Kaleya’s 6th birthday and had a fabulous time! Despite the fact that we just moved into our new place and there were boxes around, we still made it work. 🙂  Having no living room furniture yet worked to our advantage so we could set up tables and chairs for everyone.

Throughout the course of the afternoon we had about 10 kids and 10 adults there and we were so glad everyone came out.  Kaleya and her pals ran around mostly among the rooms upstairs, watched tv, ate cake,  played games and just had fun being kids.  Her true birthday was last weekend on October 16th, so on that day, she had one of her very good friends with her

and they had a great time playing with Kaleya’s new dollhouse

For yesterday’s party, the cake was a Princess & the Frog cake — right now one of Kaleya’s favorite movies – though, from the expression of her face in this photo you wouldn’t quite know it 🙂

But, she perked back up – really got into opening the presents and we enjoyed getting to hang out with her and her friends.

Happy 6th Birthday Kaleya!!!!   Can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂

My Favorite Children’s Book Come True

One of my absolute favorite children’s books is From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  If  you’re not familiar with the book, an essential part of the story involves two children who spend the night in a museum.   The characters in the story are a sister and her younger brother, who were about the same age difference apart as my brother and myself, so the story greatly resonated with me.  As I read this book I would fantasize about what it would be like to live in a museum – I was sure I could have a LOT of fun.

Well, the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago is seeking to make this a dream come true for people like-minded as myself.  If only I was free to do this – I’d certainly be willing to try.  They are seeking someone to move-in to a special residence they’ve constructed and live at the Museum for a month – all the while capturing their experiences via blogging, videocasting, and social media means.

A blog post on shows this picture, as well as more pictures of the living space. More details about the experience, called Month at the Museum, are available on the MOSI site.

Here’s a video preview