Cross-Stitch Magazine Database Has A New Home

Back in 2003, I started an online database of patterns from all the cross-stitch magazines that I owned, it was a project that I very much enjoyed doing. Over time, it became a resource for other cross-stitchers as well for helping look up patterns. It was never comprehensive, but I was always presently surprised by how much others seemed to enjoy it and use it. My site usage from Google Analytics from just June until now show more than 42,000 page views with visitors from all over the US and many countries elsewhere. I always thought that was cool.  Doing the site was also a way for me to further learn PHP and MySQL and while it was a challenge, it was educational as well. 

But, since having Kaleya and beginning to enjoy genealogy as my main hobby, I’ve not had the dedication nor interest in the database as I used to have. In 2008 I tried to revive my interest and began a redesign process, but did not complete it – again, the passion was not there. So, I knew that fellow stitcher Anita and her husband of were interested, so I transferred the content to them and they now have it up and running.  They have made some modifications as well as enhancements and I am glad they were interested enough to take it on. 

Please visit the new home of the Cross Stitch Magazine Database.  You can get there by clicking on the image below.