Family Vacation – Day 1

We’ve just recently returned from our family vacation and I have a lot to report on! So, I’ll be doing a blog post to cover each day, along with additional blog posts on my genealogy blog for those events that are more genealogy related.

We were fortunate to be able to have all the boys with us for the vacation and I could not have been happier.  The boys are 14, 12, 11, & 8 now and it had been a year since we have all been together.  Kaleya of course was right up in the midst of everything they were doing and enjoyed being with all of her brothers.

Our trip started on Saturday morning, August 1 with us leaving Nashville to go to Evansville to pick up Kamau & Miles.  Unlike many of our trips to Evansville, we actually left pretty early and arrived around noon.  When we got there, Kamau & Miles were at a local church taking a cooking class.  Kamau is interested in going to culinary school and apparently they’ve been cooking with the church group all summer. The boys made Spicy Chili Mac w/ the help of Granny Kit-Kat and took it over to the church. After everyone had their dishes together, the group sat down to “sample” the food 🙂

Here is Miles as he gets some macaroni & cheese another church member made

Meanwhile, I was keen to note that the church we were at was VERY close to the Evansville Public Library. Since I was hoping that I could spend some time at the library to do some genealogy research, this was the perfect opportunity to ask Kalonji if he’d drop me off. He obliged and I spent several hours looking up dead people. It was great! Read my genealogy blog for more details.

That evening we relaxed with the family. Kalonji gave Miles a haircut and of course Kaleya had to try and help.

Notice that she and Kalonji are wearing matching t-shirts? Hip Hop Harry is a show that Kaleya started watching a couple of years ago.  Rap is used as an educational tool and the guy who plays Hip Hop Harry is the same one that did Barney.  Kalonji ordered matching tees for the two of them so now whenever one wants to wear it, the other has to as well :-). It’s kinda cute.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in preparation for our road trip on Sunday.

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