Family Vacation to Florida: Days 5 & 6

Saturday June 5th, 2010

Saturday was our last full day in Florida.  My mom was off work so she was able to venture out with us.  We had hot dogs for lunch, which Miles was kind enough to make (he totally rocks!) and then we went out to play miniature golf on the beach @ Smuggler’s Cove Adventure Golf.

Their golf course was 18 holes and unfortunately, we went out at the hottest point of the day.  The course was neat though – themed with decor of palms, pirate ships, cave taverns, etc.  As well as beautiful views of the ocean and intercoastal water.

They also had baby alligators that we were able to feed.

Miles & Jihad quickly got ahead of me so I didn’t get many pictures of them playing, but they did play the whole course! Kaleya decided at about hole 8 that she was too tired & hot to continue. I didn’t blame her! Before she quit she took this picture of me and I just love it!

Following the miniature golf, my mother found another free site for us to visit – the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is is the largest wild bird hospital in the United States and was just down the street from the miniature golf. A quick trip down Gulf Blvd and we were there. Let me tell you, birds were everywhere!

Even Kaleya got into the spirit and started taking pictures.

The Sanctuary is right on the shore, so even though we were not dressed for it, we decided to go play on the water — Miles was insistent on “touching” the Gulf of Mexico. 🙂 We had such a great time on the water! The kids found more seashells and it was so beautiful out.

In this video clip Kaleya runs from an approaching wave.

After the beach we went back to my mom’s, had a big spaghetti dinner, then called it an evening. Sunday was spent on the road coming back home to Nashville. Utterly exhausted, but we had a great trip!