Fire & Snow

Last night as I was about to go to bed I heard noises outside the window so took a look.  Saw a news truck outside and then noticed fire engines – there was a fire near our house and I could see the smoke coming from the building.  Since I’ve newly discovered that I can listen to Fire & EMS radio with an app on my phone,  I quickly connected and could hear the conversations going on.  The fire fighters rescued the guy who lived there, but he ended up dying later in the hospital.   They also rescued a female pit bull and her 10 puppies – one of those puppies died.  Very sad indeed.   The news story is here (be sure to watch the video clip).

Then, this morning we wake up to more chaos on the streets because of our snow yesterday.  Kelli took some pictures and the situation is just crazy.  Doesn’t this look like a line of cars in line waiting to go somewhere? Well, there’s no waiting – these are all stranded in the driveway of an apartment complex.