From North Carolina to Florida

On Sunday, July 14th, Kaleya and I took our next travel journey during our vacation and made our way down to Florida. We left bright and early (6 am) to start our trip.

On the way down through NC and SC to get to I-95, we drove through several small towns. If I’d had time, I would have particularly liked to have stopped in Bennettsville, SC. I drove right past the county courthouse.

Marlboro County Courthouse – photo from Wikipedia

After getting onto I-95, I unfortunately hit several spots of hard rain, but the rest of the trip to Jacksonville was fine. I wanted to stop in Savannah to take Kaleya to the Juliette Gordon Lowe birthplace since she joined the GIrl Scouts this year, but the Savannah area was one that was struck by heavy rain so I nixed that.

I’ve only been to Jacksonville once before, back at least 10 years ago when Kalonji had a Navy culinary school to attend in St. Augustine.  In Jacksonville, I stopped to visit with cousins of mine whom I’d never met and I spent the night with a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in 14 years!  On the way into town, I crossed a beautiful bridge, the Dames Point Bridge.

Dames Point Bridge

My cousin is an avid photographer and of course he snapped some pics of us.  He also has a lot of family photos so we talked about the family and we went through some of the pictures.  He and his wife were so nice – they treated Kaleya and I to lunch – and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I have some info now to send them on how they can work on their family tree and archive their pictures.

Cousin Chris shows us her garden
with cousins Lawrence and Oliver
Cousin Oliver looks over family photos


After visiting with them, I went over to my friend’s house and rested up. Of course we had to take a group pic of her with her two kids!

my friend Nicole and her kids

Then, Monday morning we departed on the road again to get down to Spring Hill, FL where my Mommy lives. On the way down, my cousin warned me that Highway 301 was a speed trap and sure enough it was. I saw no less than 6 Sheriff cars pulling people over. There is even a sign to warn you – I thought that was hilarious! But, apparently, Lawty has many years of history with the AAA as a speed trap area.

speed trap sign. photo not mine, but from

I heeded all speed limit signs and made it down to Spring Hill w/o incident. Yeah!

w/ my Mommy!


Over the course of these two days we traveled 543 miles (ignore the blip at the top – a location artifact from Google Latitude)

543 miles traveled

More pictures from the trip can be found here.