Funk & Weber Designs

Last night my LNS sponsored a trunk show by Funk & Weber Designs. It was a very interesting show! This is a couple that earn their living as winter caretakers in remote locations in Alaska. Last night, they did a slide show presentation with pictures and told their story about what they do out there and how they live. I found it all very fascinating, but you know what? It wouldn’t be me! 🙂 They were often without running water, without electricity, and without neighbors. You can read about their lifestyle on their website.

Their designs focus on Alaska and wildlife, so yes, I purchased some. I wasn’t too bad though. If you look at their designs page, I bought The Great Outdoor Sampler, Puzzle Pieces, Portraits of the Wild Life, and The Neighborhood. I particularly like the Great Outdoors sampler – Jen walked me through all the letters and what they mean. I’ll have to document it all before I forget it though – who knows when I’ll ever get around to stitching it.

And, as for my stitching, I’ve been working on Tapestry of My Life this week. I don’t think I’ve stitched more than three hours this week, so I don’t have much to show. But, my friend is having a stitch day tomorrow so it’s all about the stitching then!