Geisha Crazy

This has been a great stitching weekend. I worked on my third Joan Elliott geisha (Here are pics of my first and second one.)

To complement my stitching, I started listening to Memoirs of A Geisha. I’ve read it before, but decided I’d listen to it again to keep me in the mood during my stitching. I LOVE this book! I have also watched several movies this weekend – Identity, Deliver Us From Eva, and the Life of David Gale. Enjoyed them all. Oh, and I went to the movies too with my friend Mary and we saw the new Denzel movie – Out of Time. It’s great – Go see it!

So, I got in about 14 hours of stitching since Friday night. Here is my progress picture as of this this early morning. The pics are scans pasted together, but you get the picture.
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5 thoughts on “Geisha Crazy

  1. Woohoo! Welcome to the world of blogging, Taneya! I’m glad you took the plunge.
    Your stitching looks wonderful, as usual!:)
    ::::: running off to add Taneya’ to my links ::::::::::

  2. Hi Taneya! Great to see you here — I always follow your progress over at the TWBB because you stitch the most lovely designs, and check out the Mirabilia/Lavender & Lace pages you have. 🙂

  3. Hi Taneya,

    Boy, as a non-cross stitcher, that looks like a big project!! But looking great.

    Welcome to blogging.


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