Godfather II

Lo and behold, guess what came on TV today – The Godfather Part II. So, I watched it. 🙂 Another great movie and again, there were a few parts that I kept waiting to happen b/c I knew it was coming.

However, for most of the day i was in a really blah mood. At one point, I had to put my stitching down b/c I didn’t feel like doing it, but when the movie came on, I picked it back up. Last night I started a project for Kalonji – my espresso drinker 🙂 Again, it’s another quick project and one I should be able to finish. Did I mention that I’m on a quick project roll here….

Who knows if I’ll continue to work on this week, that’s doubtful, but at least if I get the urge to finish something, this will be one of the candidates. I am feeling an urge to work on TW’s Woodland Fairie…