Great weekend

I have had a very productive weekend. I finished the sampler for my boss on Saturday and will give it to her tomorrow morning.

I also made two more scarves and started another one last night. I have just finished working out, so as soon as I freshen up, I’ll probably get back to this one. I don’t think I have enough yarn so I’ll just do as much as I can tonite and pick up some more yarn tomorrow.

I also spent a majority of today and last night stitching on one of my geisha girls. This will definitely be my next finish. I am almost done with the stitching. I have three leaves at the bottom to finish that I couldn’t because I don’t have the DMC color, then the lake to stitch with kreinik braid #4. After that, only backstitching is left. I think I sense an upcoming HD this weekend?? 🙂 You can see my progress on the geisha [link removed 1/31/04]

I also bought the coolest gadget yesterday, an FM Wireless Transmitter. It allows me to broadcast sound from my computer through my stereo system. I spent several hours yesterday listening to my music files and internet radio this way. It’s great b/c my stereo sound is FAR better than this computer sound. The transmitter can also be used in a car – to transmit sound from any portable audio device through your car radio. It’s very cool.

I also bought Season 4 of Sex and the City, so I have watched it all this weekend. I think I’ll be picking up Season 5 in a couple of weeks. Later on tonite I’ll watch the newest episode of this last season. Yesterday I also saw LOTR for the second time on the IMAX screen here. That is such a great movie!

And, since I started the South Beach Diet two months ago, i have now lost approx 20lbs! Keep your fingers crossed for me as I go for my next 20lb loss by the end of March.

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