Guilt Free January

I am trying to maximize the rest of the time that I have this month to indulge in Guilt Free January!!! So, instead of finishing my geisha, I instead started two new projects in the past few days. 🙂 Both of them are from The World of Cross Stitching magazine and both designed by Sue Page (who coincidentally is the same designer as the geisha I am about done with).

I started Queen of Egypt as well as her Tudor Lady.

Also by the end of the month I’ll have started another birth announcement design. My coworker is expecting a grandson so I am stitching a small Classic Pooh design for her daughter-in-law. A couple of nights ago I put together a webpage for them so that they can have somewhere to put pictures. Tomorrow night is the baby shower, so no stitching for me. Plus, I have to come home after the shower and do schoolwork.

This weekend I plan to finish the geisha, start the birth announcement and then who knows what else. That’s the joy of having almost 30 WIPS! 🙂

One thought on “Guilt Free January

  1. Great choices there Taneya! I love the ladies that Sue Page has designed – the only thing that puts me off about them is that some of the specialty thread she sometimes uses is hard-to-find, and I’m too lazy to find a good substitute! Still, I really do like them and I look forward to seeing your progress on them. 🙂

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